Jil Olivia Review

Jil Olivia Review

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As someone who tests many sex toys I always prefer a product that has some flexibility for ease of use and comfort so discovering the JIL range of incredibly flexible sex toys has been fantastic.

JIL have utilised Silicone Flex technology to create the ultimate flexible sex toy, designed to fit almost any body shape. These unique products are made by pouring liquid silicone over the motors which have been placed in the moulds, creating the most flexible sex toys I have ever seen.

I could not wait to try out these products and was lucky to be given the Olivia by JIL.

Olivia is a flexible rechargeable G-spot vibrator, gently curved to offer G-spot stimulation but with such flexibility, it is ideal for anyone. The 10 speed/pulsation pattern motor is really quiet but powerful.

On removing Olivia from the box I was utterly amazed at just how flexible she was with silky soft skin safe silicone.

Testing Olivia

As with any rechargeable sex toy, it is advisable to give it a long charge prior to first use. The charging port on the Olivia was located on the back of the product and not that easy to find. The reason for this is that it is self sealing to allow Olivia to be a 100% waterproof sex toy.

Eager to get testing this gorgeous sex toy, I had a play around with the vibration speeds and pulsation patterns by pressing the one button control. The 3 vibration speeds felt very deep and rumbly in my hand and there were 7 pulsation patterns to choose from.

Getting comfortable against the pillows, I smoothed a little of my favourite lubricant YES oil based onto the sex toy and turned Olivia onto the lowest speed. I gently massaged the head against the lips of my vulva and around the opening of my vagin, enjoying the pleasurable rumble coursing through my sensitive spots.

I slowly pushed the head inside my vagina to discover the vibrations travelled right through to my bottom, an altogether pleasurable sensation. Gently sliding Olivia further inside my vagina I loved how there was absolutely no resistance you often find with more rigid sex toys, Olivia is so flexible it fits to the shape of your body.

I played with cycling up through the speeds and the pulsation patterns. Although I’m not a fan of pulsation patterns, there was one in particular that revved up, then down which felt really good. I settled on the second vibration speed as I found the top speed just a bit too strong for my needs. Due to the incredible flexibility of Olivia I was able to move it around inside my body with great ease and even found I could bend it right over to enjoy both internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time!

Finally needing to orgasm, I found my G-spot, slowly massaging it with really small movements, which lead to an powerful orgasm making my vagina twitch and pulsate for several minutes afterwards.

Interestingly I often want to remove any sex toy I’m using immediately after orgasming but I didn’t feel the need to do this with Olivia as she felt really comfortable. Once I regained my breath I slowly withdrew the sex toy.

The second time I used Olivia I came quicker as I knew what worked for me, again my orgasm left my vagina in seventh heaven!

My Thoughts on Olivia

I’ve always thought that sex toys need to be much more flexible to make them comfortable to use and fit your body shape, it’s no surprise that I liked this sex toy but I didn’t realise just how much. It was so easy and comfortable to use, not having to fiddle with getting it in the right position, something you often find with more rigid products was a bonus and the powerful motor sent sexual sensations right through to my bottom which was extremely pleasurable.


  • Silky smooth, incredibly flexible silicone.
  • Deep, rumbling vibrations.
  • Easy to use 1 button control.
  • Curved shape of the head is great for clitoral stimulation and for targeting the G-spot
  • You can bend it in half to stimulate both your clitoris and vagina at the same time, almost like a rabbit vibrator. * Olivia is USB rechargeable with a self sealing port making it perfect for use in the bath or shower and easy to clean.


  • You have to cycle through the speeds and pulsations but it is not really a problem once you’ve had a play with Olivia and found the speed and pulsations you like.
  • The button became rather slippery with the oil based lubricant but again not really a problem once I settled on the speed I found pleasurable.