Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Vibrator review

Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Vibrator review

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When I was sent the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss vibrator to review, I didn’t realise that it would be so OMG!

On opening the box, I discovered an almost fluorescent pink sex toy, nestling inside. This vibrator is rather large in size, both in girth and length which surprised me, despite the name! I was a little unsure that I’d be able to use it as it’s much bigger than most toys.

It felt slightly heavier than other toys but is really well made. Made from skin safe silicone that is 100% waterproof, so ideal for bathtime pleasure, the shaft of the toy was very flexible, something often missing in other vibrators which can be too rigid in design. Being textured, it also looked very realistic with a slight ridge at the end to look like the head of a penis. I think the design is to create a sense of fullness when inserted which many women, myself included, enjoy.

I had a play with the easy to use, ergonomically shaped control, with an on/off button and +/- buttons to increase speed of vibration and change pulsation patterns. It had 5 vibration intensities and 4 vibration pulsation patterns, all of which felt very powerful in my hand.

Big Boss is rechargeable and has a locking system to ensure it doesn’t lose any power when not in use and prevents embarrassing moments at airport security.

The first time I used the G5 Big Boss I was in a bit of a hurry and I didn’t use enough YES organic water based lubricant. I found it to be quite hard to insert but still enjoyed a delicious clitoral orgasm, even when the vibrations were on their lowest level.

It made me realise that this gorgeous toy can’t be used in a rush, but at a leisurely pace to enjoy it in all its glory! So on my next try I took my time and used YES oil based lubricant as it is thicker and lasts longer. Making sure I had enough lubrication, I pressed play for the lowest rumble of vibrations and that is literally how it sounded and felt, a gorgeous low rumbling sound and sexual sensation against my clitoris.

Feeling that I might come if I continued gently rubbing the tip of the shaft against my clit, I slowly, and I mean, very slowly, inserted the G5 inside me as its girth takes some getting used to but in an extremely pleasurable way. I have never experienced such a sex toy that filled me quite so completely whilst offering fabulous, deep rumbling waves of vibrations throughout my vagina, reaching through to my bum- it felt really good!

Once I realised that Big Boss wasn’t going any deeper inside me, I made a little adjustment to find my G-spot which it did very easily. This not always the case with some sex toys, and my G-Spot seems to be buried near to my cervix so I found this incredibly pleasurable, and I increased the intensity of vibrations. Getting carried away, I overshot the continuous vibrations and cycled through the pulsation modes. I don’t do pulse patterns as I prefer the continuous buzz of a toy and in my eagerness and due to slippery fingers from the lube, I had to do this twice before I found that heavenly rumble again.

Being rather large, I found myself moving the Big Boss in tiny movements as it felt too big to thrust vigorously and I was enjoying the waves of delicious vibrations coursing through my G-spot. My orgasm began to grow slowly but made my breathing pattern change erratically as it felt amazing. Just by holding the Big Boss G5 in place without any movement, I enjoyed a prolonged pulsating orgasm which seemed to last for ever.

I felt a deep throbbing right inside me as if it was beyond my cervix.

Removing the vibrator slowly, it felt a bit uncomfortable but that was probably due to my vagina tensing during that explosive orgasm. My vagina continued to throb for some time afterwards, something I haven’t ever noticed with other toys and only occasionally after sex.

WOW, I have never had an orgasm quite like this one when using a toy! Bigger is sometimes better but that is definitely so in this case!

Being a woman who loves clit stim during sex, I was surprised to achieve such an intense orgasm. I think it may have even been a cervical orgasm as the Big Boss G5 was so big and filled me completely, I think the tip was rubbing against my cervix.

For those of you who want to enjoy the fullness of a sex toy coupled with the fabulous deep rumblings of the vibrations which increase in intensity, Big Boss G5 is definitely for you.

The next time I use my Big Boss G5, I will make sure I have as much time enjoy all of its meaty pleasure it can offer to experience an OMG orgasm again.

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Written By : Samantha Evans