Glass Sex Toys - What You Need to Know

Glass Sex Toys - What You Need to Know

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For many who are new to the sex toy market, glass sex toys might seem pretty daunting at first. However, glass sex toys, such as the Icicles range from Pipedream, are made of medical grade borosilicate glass. Simply put, they’re made from the same non-toxic material used by Pyrex, and the essentially lead-free crystals can withstand extreme temperatures and physical shock. This makes them completely safe to use and feel sensual against the skin.

What are the main differences between glass and other sex toys?

Glass sex toys are great for those who prefer firmer stimulation, as they are not flexible like many silicone products. They are also non-porous, which means that they can be used with any type of lubricant without being affected. If you prefer using silicone based lube, then glass sex toys are the perfect option.

Glass sex toys are also a great way to experiment with sensory play, as they can be heated or cooled in water baths of varying temperatures. However, it is advised not to put them in either the freezer or boiling water, as either could cause burning and damage to the skin.

How do I use a glass sex toy?

How you use a glass sex toy ultimately depends on what kind of toy that you have.

A glass dildo can be used externally as well as internally, as the tip of the shaft can be massaged around the clitoris and genital area. To use internally for G-Spot play, we recommend using a lubricant, such as Yes Organic lube, to ensure that there is minimal discomfort upon insertion.

Glass anal plugs are to be used internally, although the Icicles No.49 is a dual purpose anal plug and whip so you can really shake your tail feather! Silicone lubricant is great for anal play, as it has a thick, sensual texture to ensure for safe, slippery fun every use.

To ensure safe insertion and removal, Icicles anal plugs have an easy-hold hook so that you can manoeuvre toy to suit your needs.

Are they suitable for beginners?

If you’re new to sex toys, there is nothing from stopping you starting with a glass product. That being said, however, it’s probably best to start off with a smaller dildo, such as the Icicles Blue Spiral Wave No.8. With its gentle curves, or “waves”, and beautiful blue design, it really is a gem to start off your sex toy treasure trove.

If you’re looking for specific play, the Icicles G-Spot Curve Luxury Glass Dildo No.18 feels fantastic against the skin, withmultiple blue glass bumps to give additional stimulation and a pretty embedded flower in the handle completes a stunningly beautiful toy.

Are they easily breakable?

No- each hand-blown glass dildo or anal plug is designed “to play hard”. While the designs may look delicate, the non-porous glass they are made from is incredibly durable.

If taken better care of, all glass sex toys have a high longevity, meaning that if cleaned and stored correctly, they can last a lifetime.

Are they available in the same shapes and sizes as silicone sex toys?

Like most sex toys, glass products come in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes and textures. Some dildos, such as the Icicles No.62 Clear Realistic Glass Dildo, have a realistic phallic design with gentle ridges. Meanwhile, the Icicles No.51, for example, is composed of beads of slowly increasing size for texture play.

Anal Glass Plugs come in a range of sizes from Icicles No 48 to the more bulbous Icicles No 25 which offers a sense of fullnness like no other. and a flat handle making it easy to hold.

Are they easy to clean?

Glass sex toys can be cleaned either using soap and water, or a sex toy cleaning product. They can also be cleaned in the dishwasher too.

Make sure they are stored in a cool dry place to ensure that they remain clean and in a good condition. If maintenance is kept up, and they aren’t dropped on any hard surfaces, then glass dildos will remain a timeless piece in your sex toy collection.

Written By : Megan Barnett