Metal Sex Toys - What You Need To Know

Metal Sex Toys - What You Need To Know

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When people think about sex toys, metal may be the last thing on their minds. However, arguably metal sex toys are the pinnacle of elegant and intuitive design. Metal toys from njoy are manufactured from top quality stainless steel and offer only the most fulfilling sexual satisfaction.

What sets metal sex toys apart from the rest?

Being made of solid stainless steel, metal sex toys are somewhat heavier than a glass or silicone product. This means that they have the potential of offering stronger and therefore more satisfying stimulation. They are incredibly rigid, too, making them perfect for users who gain pleasure from firm rather than flexible toys.

Metal sex toys can be used with oil, water and silicone based lubricant as they are both non-porous and non-corrosive. The ultra-smooth shape also means that a little goes a long way, and you may find that you need less lubricant than you would with a silicone toy, which may have a little resistance in comparison.

You can also experiment with sensory play with metal sex toys. Cool them down or heat them up in cold and hot baths respectively to achieve your desired temperature. Just take note when storing your metal sex toys that solid metal will retain the temperature that it’s kept in! If you find that your metal sex toy has become too cold in between uses, just warm it up under a hot tap.

How do I use a metal sex toy?

Metal sex toys are incredibly versatile products. While njoy Pure Plugs are specifically designed for anal play, the dildos in the njoy range can be used both internally for G-Spot or P-Spot play, or externally, stimulating the clitoris and genital area.

For stunning double ended delights, the njoy Eleven is the ultimate luxury sexual accessory. The smaller end is beautifully ridged for stunning stimulation, while the larger end offers completely fulfilling satisfaction. It can be used with a partner or as a mind-blowing masturbatory aid.

The njoy Pure wand is designed for both male and female use, while the njoy Fun wand is a double ended dildo intended for both vaginal and anal insertion.

However, it is strongly recommended that any product that has been used anally be sterilised before being inserted vaginally or put in contact with the vaginal area. This is to ensure that infection does not spread, as bacteria from the anus could leave you at risk to developing a UTI.

Are metal sex toys suitable for beginners?

While metal dildos are somewhat larger and heavier than a small silicone dildo, there is nothing preventing someone who is new to sex toys from using a metal product. We all have to start somewhere!

If you don’t feel ready to use a metal sex toy internally, experiment with your partner by warming the head of a metal stimulator and using it as a body massager. Once you’ve built up your techniques together, then consider using the products for more sexual play. Remember, there’s no rush, so go at your own pace until you feel ready to try new things. Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so don’t feel pressured into doing something you are uncomfortable with.

Are they available in similar styles to other sex toys?

While njoy’s range of metal dildos are slightly larger than the average silicone toy, njoy Pure Plugs come in a range of sizes to suit the needs of any user.

With weights ranging from 5oz-11oz from small to large respectively, Pure Plugs sound more daunting than they really are. The smooth steel makes for easy insertion, and each plug has an ergonomically designed handle to ensure safe and simple use. Each plug offers sumptuous, satisfying sensations that both men and women can enjoy.

Are metal sex toys easy to maintain?

Metal sex toys are extremely durable and it’s easy to keep them hygienic. They can be washed with soap and water, or cleaned with a suitable sex toy cleaner. They can also be sterilised by being boiled in water for 10 minutes, or in a 10% bleach solution. You can even pop them in your dishwasher too.

njoy products come with their own storage bags, but once inside, make sure they are kept in a cool, dry place to ensure optimum care is provided for your beautiful metal products.