LELO Ina vs LELO Soraya

LELO Ina vs LELO Soraya

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Ina and Soraya are two of LELO’s most luxurious rabbit vibrators and are big sellers here at Jo Divine. If pure luxury is what you are after, we heartily recommend both of these fabulous toys: they are both rechargeable, waterproof, made with smooth skin-safe silicone and emit deliciously strong vibrations from two separate motors. However, when it comes down to choosing between two very good yet oh-so-different products, we know that sometimes it can be tough. Read on and decide for yourself which of these buzzing beauties is best for you…


With a bright colour scheme and minimalistic design, the LELO Ina is unmistakably futuristic and is a fashionable accessory for every nightstand. The flowing curves of its body are designed to match the contours of the vagina, ensuring a truly fulfilling experience every time.

What sets the Ina apart from the Soraya is just that – the wonderfully enlarged and curved tip is designed to locate your G-spot with little effort. Once the Ina is inside you, a gentle push downwards on the base will tilt the tip upwards, meaning that all of the vibrations inside the shaft will be channelled directly into your G-spot. For this reason, the Ina is ideal for G-spot lovers and even those who have not yet found their G-spot and want to do a little self-exploration. Ina has up to a two hour battery life so it is sure to keep working during extended play.

The Ina’s clitoral vibrator is flexible and covers a large surface area, meaning that the clitoris, labia and other sensitive outer areas are all massaged together. These added outer sensations help to maximise the pleasure felt from the inside – truly an all-rounder! Ina was also recently upgraded to Version 2 and now houses twice the strength of its predecessor, meaning intensely powerful enjoyment inside and out.

LELO Soraya

Available in three sensual colours and with a smooth, platinum-coloured core, the LELO Soraya is truly a thing of beauty and is perfect for the lady of luxury. Part of LELO’s high-class Insignia range, it has a useful cut-out handle built into the base of the toy meaning that operation and directional control is super simplistic. Its beautiful, flowing design means that it makes a fabulous gift for your partner… or even a little present to yourself!

Soraya’s shaft remains at around the same diameter from base to tip, meaning that it pays resemblance to the far more familiar classic vibrator and, unlike the Ina, is not specifically designed for G-spot stimulation. However, the true power of Soraya lies within the external stimulator: not only is the clitoral vibrator discreet and gorgeously powerful, it is also highly flexible meaning that it can move to sit comfortably on your clitoris for intense stimulation. So, if you’re a clitoris fan, the Soraya is definitely for you! Soraya also has up to a whopping four hour battery life – perfect if you’re a fan of extended sensual play.

The shaft of the Soraya is also longer than that of the Ina, making it ideal for those who prefer deeper penetration. The pairing of smooth silicone with an ABS plastic core provides varying sensations, too – combine that with the gorgeously strong vibrations and you have got yourself a toy that will never fail to surprise you!

And the winner is…

Both the Ina and the Soraya are spectacular products in their own way, so which one you choose really depends on the type of stimulation that best suits you. If G-spot play is something that sets your heart aflutter, we recommend the Ina with its wide, pointed tip that effortlessly locates and arouses the G-spot area.

However, if you enjoy clitoral vibration and you consider penetration to be an additional bonus, the Soraya is your ideal pleasure partner – its flexible finger allows you to target your clitoris whilst also benefiting from a longer, slimmer shaft. Plus, LELO have really gone the extra mile to make the Soraya super luxurious, right down to the gift-box style packaging.

Whichever toy you choose, you can rest assured that both products are completely skin-safe and are of very high quality, so you can be sure that you will have a luxury sex toy that will last you for many years to come!

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