LELO Alia: A Review

LELO Alia: A Review

LELO Alia: A Review

Waking up on Valentine’s Day, I was delighted to receive a small discreetly packaged box from my partner. Unwrapping the box slowly I revealed a small box with the words LELO Alia: Pleasure Object written on the protective sleeve. Removing the sleeve, I uncovered a small black box which, when I took off the lid, found a beautiful egg shaped toy in a deep rose colour nestled in black satin.

This elegantly designed clitoral stimulator was beautifully made and fitted perfectly into my hand. It was made from skin safe silicone material which felt very soft and smooth and had a hollow centre to make it easy to hold. My partner had already fully charged the Alia for a few hours in anticipation of me using it as soon as I opened it. By pressing the + control button, I found that the small toy sent extremely powerful vibrations coursing right through my hand. I was surprised how gutsy it felt for a small vibrator and couldn’t wait to feel it moving slowly over my clitoris. The + and – buttons were easy to use and enabled me to move through the various modes of vibration. I noticed that the Alia could be locked by pressing both buttons together which would be useful for travelling: no suspicious buzzing from my bag and embarrassed faces at the airport customs desk!

Later on…

Having found some me time at last, I settled myself beneath the freshly laundered sheets of my bed and turned the Alia on by pressing the + button. I began to gently rub the egg shaped end of the Alia over my clitoris, thrilling at the ripples of vibrations passing through my body. The powerful vibrations created a warming sensation through my body, slowly building to waves of heat flowing through to my core as I tentatively increased the intensity of the vibrations. The smooth silky silicone texture of the Alia felt incredible against my clitoris as I gently caressed my swollen bud. Using the Alia felt effortless because it was so compact, light weight and well shaped and the controls were extremely easy to use, being conveniently placed within reach of my fingers. I couldn’t believe how quiet the Alia sounded too, great for private play when the house is full!

I could feel my orgasm beginning to build slowly but very intensely, the strong vibrations surging through my throbbing clitoris sent me to the brink of ecstasy, toppling me over the peak. The waves of ecstasy continued to ripple through my body for some time afterwards, leaving me quite breathless but extremely satisfied.

I lay back luxuriating in the aftermath of a breathtaking orgasm and smiling cheekily at the naughty present my partner had most thoughtfully bought for me. Noticing that the Alia was waterproof I planned to use it with my partner when we next shared a bath together which would be fun! I’ll definitely be keeping this little treasure in my bedside drawer to have close to hand when I need it and I can’t wait to tell my girlfriends all about the fabulous present I got for Valentine’s Day!