LELO Adore Me Gift Set: A Review

LELO Adore Me Gift Set: A Review

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LELO are the haute couture of sex toys so I always get excited when a little black box embossed with a silver logo arrives in the post. They are an innovative company and make quality products and sensual accessories, including this Adore Me Pleasure Gift Set.

No hardcore stuff here – just beautiful, shapely toys that make you feel sexy and glam when you play with them. I’m partial to Swedes too so all I have to do is close my eyes and I’m in that glass-fronted hotel room overlooking Stockholm’s harbour.

I digress.

Inside the inimitable black box is the Intima silk blindfold, Sutra silk and suede chain-link handcuffs and MIA version 2 rechargeable lipstick vibe, all presented in dark red and they look great nestled in the black box. Jo has kindly thrown in two sachets of YES organic lube so I’m all set for a weekend of pleasure; a good start to my Valentine’s month.

Lipstick vibe

MIA version 2 is a body-safe plastic lipstick vibe, which fits into the palm of my hand and looks like a Max Factor lippie with its angled top. It is an upgraded version of the original toy, more powerful and fully submersible so you can use it in the bath or shower. I look forward to testing that out later.

Twist the top and the lid comes off to reveal a USB port – at which point, I got excited. I love gadgets and this one is rechargeable on the laptop. Very swish. No rooting around in the drawers to try and find a plug-in charger which looks exactly the same as the one for my mobile.

Stick it in the USB port and in two hours it will be fully charged and ready to play. My only gripe is that it’s slightly too wide to fit into my USB port when the laptop is on the table. I have to elevate it slightly to get it to charge properly but overall it is a well-designed piece of kit.

MIA version 2 has six power levels and three different vibration modes which are a little tricky to find. Click the + sign to activate it and press it again to move up a notch to the next vibration – easy enough. I don’t see the point of the lower settings on most vibrators. I need a bullet in my pants to come and most clitoral vibes simply aren’t strong enough even at the highest speed. I am impatient to test it out but will have to wait as it’s still charging. The little pink light on the control pad stops twinkling when it’s done.

I like that it’s slim enough to stick down your pants while you work without having to faff around undoing your jeans. That defeats the object of a clitoral vibe in my view. They should know their place and be discreet and easy to manoeuvre with dignity. No one should know what you’re up to while you’re sat there staring intently at your screen and ideally you should be able to grip it if you have to stand up quickly (at the very least, it should stay in your pants). The buttons are easy to find and activate without looking so I turn it up to the max and sit back. I’m impressed with the power and quietness of the motor (I can barely hear it once it’s buried inside my pants). It’s strong enough for la petit mort – nothing earth shattering but then I’m sat at my desk and my mind is on the job. A little porn on the laptop however… I want to test out the vibration modes and in my excitement drop it on the glass table. It jumps around violently and I eventually figure it out by accident. It’s a bit fiddly but hold the + key for a second and then release and it starts thrusting. Do it again and it pulsates.

All very jolly and I can see the potential for fun here. You could use it externally and internally, on your nipples, on his nipples or the tip of his penis, or to tease the rosebud. I think that would feel very nice. It’s a solo toy but versatile enough to be used as a couples’ toy during partner sex, as it’s slim enough to slip between two bodies. Just looking at it makes me think naughty thoughts so it’s a good libido primer too.

Silk cuffs

These feel lovely against my wrists – silky soft and fine for a bit of bondage lite. I don’t think they’ll stand up to anything too athletic but I wouldn’t expect them to as they aren’t rope or leather. They stay on my wrists when I wriggle and no chafing. The chains are nickel-free which is good, as I can’t do cheap metals without coming out in hives.

There are two D-rings on the end of each cuff so bring in rope or restraints and you can tie yourself up in heaven. Apparently you can wear them on your ankles too but I can’t see how unless you are Olive Oyl. Way too small even for my skinny pins. They are silk and suede so dry-clean only – too pretty to ruin with eager, sticky hands. They don’t have a lock so if you want to limit movement you’ll need to buy a small padlock to hold them together.

The blindfold

The blindfold is nicely padded and shaped to fit around the nose so quite effective at blocking out the light. I slipped it on with sunshine streaming through my window and it blocked out most of it. It’s double layered and has an elasticated back so can stretch to accommodate those big brains. There are two silk ribbons attached to the back, which you can either leave to trail down your back for a nice tickle while you wriggle or you can pull them tighter to make it snug.

The lipstick is back on charge ready for another play (I lost a bit of power playing around with the settings to test it out) so all is good. LELO Pleasure Sets aren’t just for lazy types who don’t know their arse from their elbow (in terms of what to buy a woman for the bedroom). Just doing my fashion maths and it is also a bargain. To buy each item individually would cost you £149, so at just £109.99 the Adore Me Pleasure Set represents a huge saving of £30! We do love a bargain.