An Introduction to Rabbit Vibrators

An Introduction to Rabbit Vibrators

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What is a rabbit vibrator?

If you’re looking for a toy that will take care of multiple pleasure zones all at once, look no further than a rabbit vibrator. Rabbits are designed to deliver double the pleasure: stimulating both externally and internally at the same time! Although they are well-established in the sex toy industry now, rabbits are still relatively considered newcomers as they were only introduced in the 1990s.

Why should I choose one?

Rabbit vibrators provide all of the fun of a classic vibrator with an extra tickle for the clitoris. Some of them are even designed for G-spot stimulation too: ensuring to take your rabbit experience to the next level! Although rabbits tend to have a shorter insertable length than classic vibrators due to the extra attachment of the ‘finger’, they are still able to pack a punch nonetheless.

Which products would you recommend?

All of our rabbits are made with 100% skin safe silicone which is non-porous. This means that they are not only easier to clean but do not absorb any germs or impurities,protecting your sexual health and pleasure. We recommend you avoid using any sex toys made for jelly, latex and rubber as these are porous and will absorb bateria, making them difficult to clean properly. They can also degrade over time and may react to some sexual lurbricants.

Rocks-Off Bullet Bunny

New to rabbit sex toys? The Bullet Bunny from Rocks Off is the perfect rabbit vibe for beginners.

Made from skin safe silicone, the Bullet Bunny has a gorgeously ribbed tip for textured G-Spot play while the bunny ears caress your clitoris for dual stimulation via the battery power of an RO-120mm with 10 speeds of tempting play.

100% waterproof so ideal for bathtime fun!

Fun Factory Miss BI

She may be small but she is so powerful! MISS BI from Fun Factory is a rabbit vibrator that combines phenomenal clitoral stimulation with powerful vibrations directly to your G-spot.

The shaft and finger have two separately controllable adjustable motors which will push you towards sexual ecstasy and a shape that is both flexible and fine-tuned to the female anatomy

Easy to hold, Miss Bi has raised buttons for ease of control, can be programmed return to your favourite setting, and it can be locked for travel.

Rechargeable and waterproof, Miss BI IS ideal to use in the bath or shower and is also suitable for anal play.

Fun Factory Lady BI

Miss BI’S bigger sister, the Fun Factory Lady Bi has a long, flexible shaft uniquely designed to stimulate both your A-Spot and cervix, sending you to a world of pure pleasure! With six vibration levels and intensities, this larger than life rabbit is also suitable for anal use for perfect P-Spot play.

Lady Bi has dual motors that can work together or independently, delivering delectable dual stimulation like never before!

Easy to use lockable controls, rechargeable and waterproof Lady Bi is perfect for bathtime pleasure.

Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

Looking for something different? A sex toy like no other, the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is a groundbreaking new toy that really has it all! It thrusts, pulses, vibrates and flutters, sending you to pleasure heaven in a heartbeat.

Combining their innovative Stronic technology with strong external vibrations,Fun Factory have created the world’s first vibrating pulsator.

The unique shape of the clitoral stimulator delivers expert stimulation, while the thrusting shaft brings sexual satisfaction with fervent thrusts and pleasurable pulses.

100% waterproof and skin safe, Bi Stronic Fusion has a travel lock.

Rocks-Off Regala

Regala is a beautifully designed flexible A-spot rabbit vibrator. Its sensory velvet touch, sophisticated lines and ergonomic dimensions have been skilfully crafted to drive you towards the ultimate A spot orgasm.

(The A-spot is located high up in the vagina near the cervix – you need a long shaft to locate it.)

The elegantly curved elongated shaft and precision tip enables Regala to glide effortlessly into position to arouse and stimulate your A-spot, located near to the cervix.

The powerful dual independent motors allow you to discover your own unique blend of pleasure sending deep sensual vibrations to the shaft, tip and clitoral stimulation points leading you to orgasmic bliss.

Rocks-Off Enigma

Enigma has been designed with complete flexiblitiy to enable you to position it exactly where you want it and the ergonomically shaped handle sits perfectly balanced in your hand making it so easy and comfortable to hold and control.

The sensitive handle orientation allows pressure to be easily applied against the G-spot with a gentle downwards motion, allowing you to discover the ideal sexual stimulation just for you.

The slightly bulbous shaft creates such a pleasurable sensation of fullness while the deep rumbling vibration travel through your vagina, clitoris and even your bottom. It is a Rabbit that you can move or just leave in place to work its magic with dual motors in the shaft and clitoral arm.

Rocks-Off EveryGirl

Everygirl, a seductively beautiful and elegantly streamlined rabbit created to fulfil and delight every girls’ wants, needs and desires. Exquisite flexible design and velvet soft silicone encase the powerful dual independent motors driving precision blended vibrations and pulsations to the shaft and clitoral arm.

Warerproof , EveryGirl is ideal for bathtime fun and rechargeable so eco friendly too.


Ava is a gorgeous dual motor rabbit vibrator, designed with precision using new advanced silicone flex technology to create incredible softness and endless flexibility to adjust perfectly to the shape of your body.

With two super quiet, yet very powerful 10 speed and pulsation motors in the shaft and the clitoral arm you can enjoy intense vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

It is 100% waterproof and rechargeable.

Mystim Daring Danny

A true innovation in sex toys, meet Daring Danny! The Mystim range sex toys combines classic vibrations with pulsation, using both electro-stimulation and vibration for the ultimate orgasmic delight!

It even benefits your sexual health as it has a training programme, allowing you to exercise your pelvic floor muscles, making orgasms better and helping urinary incontinence too.

LELO Ina Wave

A true innovation in rabbit vibrators, LELO have developed a luxury vibrator with a twist on one of their classic designs to create the Ina Wave. Using patented Wave technology, the G-Spot stimulator rises and falls with come-hither motions, mimicking a lover’s touch for truly blissful blended orgasms.

There are a wide range of vibration combinations as the Ina Wave has dual motors, meaning the clitoral arm and G-Spot vibrator can be used codependently or apart for different luxurious sensations every use.

It is 100% waterproof and rechargeable.

Satisfyer Pro 2 G-Spot Rabbit

The Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit uniquely combines pressure wave clitoral stimulation with a traditional G-spot vibrator.

Using sound wave technology, the stimulator arm engulfs the clitoris and creates gentle pressure waves that gently suck and tease the clitoris with a choice of an eleven amazing intensities. The ergonomic, rounded flexible silicone shaft flares out gently to deliver full coverage stimulation to the G-Spot and provides vibrations in seven modes and three intensities.

It is 100% waterproof and rechargeable.

LELO Ina v2

LELO Ina has been upgraded and Version 2 of this classic vibrator now has double the power in both the motors. Plus, there are more pulse modes and the Ina is now waterproof too!The rechargeable Ina has two motors for simultaneous internal and external stimulation.

Calexotics Eden Bunny

The CalExotics Eden Bunny is a gorgeous silicone G-Spot Rabbit vibrator. The combination of the dual motors in the flexible curving shaft and cleverly shaped head allows precision stimulation of your G-Spot whilst the powerful flickering bunny ears will create waves of intensified clitoral pleasure.