An Introduction to Sex Toys For Men

An Introduction to Sex Toys For Men

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Sex toys are not just for vagina and vulva owners, people with a penis and prostate gland can experience heightened sexual pleasure when using one of our fabulous sex toys. From constriction rings, vibrators for your penis, anal sex toys, prostate massagers and masturbation sleeves, there is a whole range of amazing sex toys to choose for.

Many are ideal for solo pleasure and with a partner, offering different sexual sensations that cannot be achieved through masturbation or sexual intercourse. Many products designed for a vagina or vulva can be used on a penis and testicles too.

There are so many toys to choose from… Where should I start?

If you’re after a ‘the same, but different’ experience, masturbation sleeves may just be the direction for you.

Fleshlight is the number one range of sex toys for men in the world, which is no surprise due to their super-discreet nature and ultra-realistic sensations.

TENGA masturbation sleeves are made from flexible silicone and detailed intricately with 3D patterns, designed for maximum pleasure and to add an out of the ordinary pleasure experience to masturbation.

What about vibrating toys?

Additional vibration really takes toys for men to the next level. This can be achieved in a number of ways: from discreet vibrations at the base to a full-on, full-length buzz. For a hard-hitting, straight-to-the-point vibrating ecstasy, try a tip masturbator such as the Fun Factory Cobra. The tip of the penis is packed full of sensitive nerve endings, so adding even a little vibration in this area will set your heart racing!

The Pulse Solo Essential is the ultimate gybrator. The unique oscillating PulsePlates have been designed to provide the most powerful orgasm yet. The Pulse III SOLO’s unparalleled style can be used whether the penis is erect or flaccid, meaning those with ED can still enjoy the scintillating sensations.

When used with lubrication, the Pulse becomes the world’s most innovative male masturbator, while without, it can be used statically for a totally unique, prolonged orgasm.

The sleek, easy-to-handle Fun Factory MANTA is designed to be the perfect fit for partner sex as well as solo play, sliding between your bodies and turning your penis into a vibrator. It also makes an ideal blow job acessory too!

With six speeds and six vibration patterns the flexible wings and ergonomic shape also let you stroke comfortably, the divided shape making the vibrations feel stronger whilst the Manta ridges hold lube for a better stroking sensation so perfect for solo pleasure too.

Constriction Rings

When it comes to pleasing yourself and your lover at the same time, cock rings are a must. These powerful devices not only provide sexually satisfying experience for both of you but can also add considerable length and girth to the penis due to the restriction of blood flow, so ideal for men who worry that their penis is lacking in size.

Some constriction rings are designed to be worn around both the penis and testicles such as the Atom Plus and the 8 Ball

Please note that rings are unsuitable for those suffering from heart disorders and should not be worn for more than 30 minutes.

I’m curious about the prostate…

If you’re interested in exploring yourself a little further, why not try one of our prostate massagers? The P-spot is an erogenous area that can deliver powerful orgasms when stimulated correctly. Combine this with vibration and you’re set for one of the most intense orgasm experiences possible!

Prostate massagers come in many designs with differing functions. They are available in silicone, which is skin safe and gentler on the delicate skin of the genital area, glass or even metal which can be cooled or warmed up. Some prostate massagers can be used manually and others vibrate, creating different sexual sensations.

Anal beads consist of several small balls attached together in series, which are inserted and then removed with varying speeds depending on the effect desired – usually to enhance orgasm.

Anal vibrators are designed to stimulate this nerve-rich area. By increasing or decreasing the intensity of the vibrations, a man can control the depth of sexual sensation he wants to feel. Some vibrating anal toys also have different vibration patterns which change the waves of vibrations. As with all anal toys, a ridge on the toy should be present to stop the toy from disappearing inside.

Anal plugs can be made from metal, glass or silicone and many people love the full feeling they promote. Anal plugs are designed to be very stimulating, particularly in conjunction with oral sex or lovemaking. Some use them as a way of preparing the anus for full anal sex.

Many men also find that the perineum (the area of skin located between the anus and the testicles) is another incredibly erogenous zone. Try stimulating it with a vibrator during couples play or solo pleasure for an exciting buzz.

As with any male sex toy, a good quality lubricant will make their use more pleasurable. We recommend YES organic sexual lubricants. Silicone lubricants are not recommended for use with a silicone sex tyo as they will degrade the silicone, however it is suitable to use with glass, metal or ABS plastric products.

Some toys may be better for you than others, so don’t be afraid to experiment!