LELO Siri: A Review

LELO Siri: A Review

I decided to treat myself to the LELO Siri as a birthday present to myself having seen it advertised in the lovely catalogue from Jo Divine.

When it arrived after a few days of impatient waiting on my part, I unwrapped the discreet packaging to reveal a small pretty box. The Siri was nestled inside the box inviting me to pick it up. I liked that it sat perfectly in my hand and its oval shape made it easy to hold and control during play. I had a play around with the controls which sit on top of the Siri which are easy to use with up and down buttons for change in vibration patterns and + and – buttons for modes of vibration intensity. I was amazed at how strong the vibrations within the head of the toy felt for such a small vibrator. I plugged the charger into the base and started charging it in anticipation of using my new toy later!

Later on…

Having found a quiet moment during my hectic working day, I snuck into my bedroom and closed the door firmly. I lay down on my bed and started my Siri on the lowest setting first as the vibrations, even on this low level, felt quite strong in my hand and I wanted to make my orgasm last.

The silicone covered end felt silky smooth as I moved it slowly over my pulsating clitoris and waves of vibrations rippled through my body, feeling incredibly pleasurable. It was so easy to control and felt extremely comfortable to hold. Slowly increasing the intensity of the vibrations enabled me to prolong my orgasm for longer which I loved and the end result was mind blowing and breath taking!

I lay back against the pillow feeling extremely satisfied, both mentally and physically. The Siri far reached my expectations of a clitoral vibrator and I lay there relishing the thought of my evening’s entertainment when I introduce my new toy to my partner. Its compact design makes it ideal for use during lovemaking and no doubt will enhance our sexual pleasure as we celebrate my birthday.

The Siri comes with a handy travel bag which is great for stowing away in the farthest corner of my handbag, and because it doesn’t look like a ‘normal’ vibrator I can pass it off as a body massager if it is discovered! It also has a locking mechanism which will prevent any embarrassing situations when going through airport customs.

Written By : Staff