LELO Lily: A Review

LELO Lily: A Review

The LELO Lily was the very first LELO toy that I received from my lovely partner. He had wanted to buy a sex toy for me for a while but couldn’t find anything that he felt I would like. Many of the toys in sex shops and on-line are made from latex which tend to be rubbery in texture, making them difficult to clean, smell awful and look strange. I had had a couple of battery operated rabbit vibrators in the past, neither of which looked very attractive and both broke after a few uses.

Inside the box

I was fascinated by the small, plain, black box protected by a white sleeve with the words ‘Pleasure Object’ written on it. I initially thought it was perfume or chocolates. On opening the box, a small pale pink object was nestled in the satin lining of the box and at first glance I didn’t realise the Lily was a vibrator, because it didn’t look like any vibrator I had ever seen. It was beautifully designed and just waiting to be picked up. Fitting into the palm of my hand perfectly, it felt really silky smooth being made from silicone, therefore easy to clean and skin safe.

There were two buttons at the bottom of the toy which controlled the intensity of the vibrations. My partner had thoughtfully charged the Lily for me using the charger supplied in the box so that it was ready for immediate use.

I played with the control buttons, pressing the + button to ramp up the vibrations which surprisingly felt very powerful for such a small toy. It was also near silent unlike some vibrators. This was due to it being rechargeable and not battery operated.

Lily in action

As my partner was out for the evening, I decided to have a little experimentation with my new toy. Applying a small drop of YES lubricant to my clitoris, I gently began to rub the pointed end of the Lily over my slowly swelling bud. Relishing the strong feelings of sexual arousal I felt as the vibrations sent a tingling sensation right through my clitoris, I slowly increased the vibration speed using the + button. The vibrations felt powerfully strong considering the compact size of the Lily and I felt that I would orgasm quite rapidly.

My orgasm grew quickly and intensely, the strong vibrations coursing through my body sent me over the brink of ecstasy. My orgasm had quite taken my breath away and I lay back, sinking into the pillows relishing the afterglow of a swift but powerful orgasm.

What a superb little vibrator the Lily is. As they say, looks can be deceptive and the LELO Lily really packs a punch when it comes to orgasmic power!

My lovely partner had surprised me with his choice of sex toy and I looked forward to sharing the power of the LELO Lily with him. I’m sure he would relish the tingling vibrations on the tip or base of his penis during foreplay and watching me as I reached a breath taking orgasm with my new toy. Next time, I’ll take it more slowly and not be so eager to reach my orgasm so swiftly, as fantastic as it was!

Written By : Staff