LELO Mona: A Review

LELO Mona: A Review

Having tried and thoroughly enjoyed other luxury vibrators from LELO, I decided to purchase the LELO Mona V2, a G-spot vibrator. I waited impatiently for the lovely people at Jo Divine to send me my Mona which arrived promptly after a few days in its plain postal box. On unwrapping the package, I found the familiar discreet yet stylish box that LELO is well known for. There were even some free sachets of YES lubricant to try with my new toy. Removing the lid revealed a pretty purple coloured vibrator, spoon shaped and compact in design, nestled inside.

I left the Mona plugged in to charge for the next two hours which would give me four hours of pleasure, should I wish or could cope with it for that long! I carried on with the more mundane aspects of my day, relishing the time when I could have a moment with my new toy to discover all it has to offer in the way of ecstasy.

The LELO Mona is a G-Spot vibrator, spoon-like in shape with a gently tapered curved head. The controls on the base of the Mona were easy to use, with up and down buttons for change in vibration patterns and + and – buttons for six different modes of intensity. There is also a locking mechanism: useful when travelling to avoid any embarrassment at the airport customs desk! Playing with the controls I was impressed by how quiet it was and the strength of the vibrations running through my hands. I couldn’t wait to feel them pulsating through my vagina.

Later on…

Alone at last, I settled back into the pillows on my bed, turned on my vibrator using the + button and slowly placed the tip of the Mona against my already throbbing clitoris. Just caressing my clitoris with the silicone covered head of the Mona felt amazing and silky smooth against my delicate skin. I slowly pushed the shaft into my vagina one centimetre at a time, luxuriating in the pulsating vibrations. I controlled the intensity of the vibrations by pressing the + and – buttons which were easy to reach and enabled me to prolong the almost overwhelming surging feelings of rapture.

The fuller curved vibrating head of the Mona filled me with waves of heat flowing right to my very core. The curved head of the Mona was perfectly shaped to reach my G-spot and by moving the vibrator against my G-spot I slowly climaxed to an explosive orgasm which seemed to endlessly pulsate through my body, leaving me feeling decidedly weak and breathless but incredibly satisfied and relaxed. Once again, those clever designers at LELO have made me one very happy and contented lady.

The Mona exceeded my expectations of a G-spot vibrator, its size and shape lending itself perfectly to achieving the ultimate G-spot orgasm. As the Mona is waterproof I’ll be taking it with me into the shower next time for a little wet play!