LELO Luna Smart Bead review

LELO Luna Smart Bead review

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Having tried the LELO Luna beads, I was keen to try the new LELO Luna Smart Bead.

To begin with, I was rather sceptical about how this tiny product could stop me from peeing when I sneezed or coughed too vigorously, but I have to say I have been extremely impressed.

No one wants to do pelvic floor exercises and if we do have to do them to save our sex lives, then the easier the better, I say.

I have previously used the LELO Luna Beads but not on a regular basis as I kept forgetting to put them in each day! I personally found them to be easy to slip in and go about my day when I remembered but some women may struggle to insert them if they have a small vagina, although they do do come in different sizes to suit your needs. Many women are different depending on your age and if you have given birth vaginally.

What is the Smartbead?

The LELO Smart bead is a vibrating product which has a 5 minute exercise programme through a varying range of pulsations and you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles each time it vibrates.

It is powered by a AAA battery, easily inserted into the bead by twisting the end cap. It is waterproof so easy to clean and can be used in the shower.

When you turn it on using the side button, the light flashes and you then have 30 seconds to insert it. You insert it just as you would a tampon. I used a little YES organic lubricant to help insertion.

It then buzzes three times to let you know the programme is about to start.

From what I felt, it consists of:

5 short buzzes followed by 4-5 second interval, repeated 5 times in total

1 short buzz followed by 4-5 second interval, repeated 5 times

1 longer buzz followed by 8-9 second interval, repeated 5 times

1 long buzz, followed by 2-3 second interval
1 short buzz, followed by 2-3 second interval
1 long buzz, followed by 2-3 second interval
1 short buzz, followed by 2-3 second interval
1 long buzz, followed by 2-3 second interval

The stronger you squeeze, the stronger the vibration so as your pubococcygeal muscles (PC muscles) get stronger, you can squeeze harder and work them harder.

The first time I tried to use it was when I was preparing the evening meal, but you need to stand still to squeeze your PC muscles so I had to keep stopping what I was doing!

As it is waterproof, you could use it in the shower so I tried this the next time but found it hard to contract my PC muscles whilst shaving my leg (I nearly fell over!) so beware!

The next time I used my bead whilst drying my hair which was successful and is something I now do every day.

Did the Smartbead work?

Having used the Smartbead for 2 weeks I have noticed that I’m not peeing when sneezing, something I’ve done a lot recently as I have had a bit of a cold.

I’ve also noticed that my vagina feels a bit tighter during sex and so has my husband which he loves. I have never been really slack inside as I have always done Pilates on a regular basis but for him to notice this after just 2 weeks of me using the Smart bead is amazing.

I’m not sure if it is related but my orgasms seem to be stronger too.

After using the Smartbead each day, it makes me feel a little virtuous that I have done my pelvic floor exercises and don’t have to think about them for the rest of the day!

Having said that, I was aware of clenching my PC muscles the other day when lifting heavy shopping out of the car boot so perhaps using the Smartbead has made me more aware of them.

Used every day, I think the Luna bead could really improve your PC muscles and incorporating their use into your daily routine when getting ready each morning, it is a process that doesn’t need thinking about.

As a clitoral vibrator

Having tried the Smart bead as a clitoral vibrator, I did have a clitoral orgasm but I don’t require much clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.

I own a number of sex toys, including clitoral vibrators and I don’t think the Smart bead is strong enough to be recommended as a clitoral vibrator (personally I love the Siri v2). Women who think they will orgasm using the Smartbeads as a clitoral vibrator may be disappointed, and it definitely won’t give you an orgasm when worn internally, but as a pelvic floor exerciser I think it’s a great product.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick exercise programme you can incorporate into your morning routine before work
  • Definitely improves the strength of my PC muscles
  • My orgasms are stronger!


  • I found a little lubricant inside the lid of the Smartbead even though it is waterproof. This is easily resolved by ensuring you clean this are each time you use it. Having spoken to LELO, they are looking at the seal.
  • Not sure that it can really claim to be a clitoral vibrator too as it doesn’t seem strong enough.