Picobong Zizo vs. Picobong Kaya

Picobong Zizo vs. Picobong Kaya

These vibrators are two of our most popular products, but which one is best for you? In this guide find out the key differences between the Picobong Zizo and the Picobong Kaya, which help you to make that decision for yourself.

Picobong Zizo

Out of these two vibrators, the Picobong Zizo is quite obviously the classic. It’s minimalistic phallic shaped design makes it the ultimate modern and stylish vibrator, and it is this design that sets it apart from the Kaya. Similarly to the Kaya, the Zizo has an incredibly quiet motor, which provides you with 12 differnt pulse patterns all ranging in intensity. The Zizo is incredibly easy to use; just three simple and intuitive buttons to control the pulsations. This classic vibrator is also waterproof to a depth of 1metre, making it the perfect toy for some bathtime fun!

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Picobong Kaya

For those of you not just wanting purely internal stimulation, then the Picobong Kaya rabbit vibrator is the vibrator for you. The flexible rabbit “finger” is perfect for incredible clitoral stimulation, ensuring that every part of you feels its intense vibrations. Like the Zizo, the Kaya has an amazing 12 pulse patterns to choose from, which can be used at different power levels. The Kaya rabbit vibrator is constructed from super-silky-smooth silicone, which is body-safe and FDA approved. Again it matches the Zizo with the simple three button interface, making the Kaya every bit as wonderful as the Zizo.

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The Zizo is shaped more like a traditional vibrator, and therefore can be seen to be less intrusive and intimidating for first time users, and perfect for those of you looking to introduce and experiment with vibrators during couples play. The Kaya on the other hand, being a rabbit shaped vibrator, is perfect for clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal penetration. This vibrator is ideal for those of you who find external stimulation extremely pleasurable.

Both vibrators provide an incredible 2 hours of play from just 2 AAA batteries, meaning that they are both economical to buy and use! Not forgetting the fact that both of these vibrators are waterproof upto a depth of 1metre, both the Zizo and the Kaya are made from skin-safe silicone, which provides smooth and pleasurable sensations.

It is clear to see that although these vibrators are very similar in some respects, it is their distinctive shapes that set them apart. Whichever one is best suited to your pleasure needs is up to you to discover…