Rocks-Off Dalia review

Rocks-Off Dalia review

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I like Rocks-Off sex toys so was pleased to receive a Rocks-Off Dalia to try. Many of them are easy to use battery operated sex toys and well priced. The Dalia is a classic battery operated vibrator with a subtle curve, ideal for G-spot stimulation, powered by an RO-120 bullet style vibrator.

What does Rocks-Off Dalia look like?

I was pleasantly surprised to see just how luxurious Dalia looked with the stylish purple silicone sleeve and the tip of the gold coloured RO-120 peeping out. It looked comparable to some more expensive products I have tested.

The purple silicone sleeve is removable for easy cleaning and to give you the option of using the Dalia with the sleeve or just the RO-120 bullet vibrator

How Does It Work?

As with all almost Rocks-Off battery operated sex toys, they are supplied with batteries, however you need to open the battery compartment and remove the isolator disc for the product to operate. Sometimes the disc gets stuck in the cap but the disc was sitting on top of the battery. Once removed I replaced the cap, ensured it was on securely and pressed the button.

Dalia is powered by 2 AAA batteries. When changing the batteries you need to ensure they are in the right way, both pointing down.

I was really pleased to see it started on the lowest vibration level, unlike some Rocks-Off products that come on the highest level first and you have to turn them down. By pressing the button, you can cycle up through the 3 vibration speeds and the pulse patterns of which there are 7 to choose from.

I’m not a pulse pattern fan, preferring continuous vibrations but I’m sure these will appeal to some users.

To turn it off you just hold the button for 2 seconds, then let go.

Testing It Out

Having a little free time after my morning shower I decided to enjoy some “ Me Time”.

Settling back onto the pillows and getting comfortable on the bed I popped a little of my favourite lubricant, YES oil based lubricant onto my vulva and onto the shaft of the Dalia. Turning it on by pressing the button, I played it over my clitoris which felt glorious. Increasing the speed to the next level, I felt pleasantly surprised at how deep and rumbly the vibrations were, something you often don’t get with a battery- operated sex toy.

Before I got too carried away, enjoying such pleasurable clitoral stimulation, I slowly inserted the shaft into my vagina. It felt quite girthy to begin with, but as my vagina relaxed, it gave me a sense of fullness which was just right.

As I inserted it deeper into my vagina, I noticed that the area around my vulva was being stimulated by the deep vibrations which felt great. I played around with increasing the speed and cycling through the pulse patterns. Not being a huge fan of pulsation pattern, I enjoy continuous vibrations, I settled on the mid speed level as the higher speed felt too much for me.

Slowly moving the Dalia in and out of my vagina it felt incredibly pleasurable, the shape of the gently curved head just right for stimulating my pleasure spots. Enjoying the deep rumblings I massaged the curved head against the wall of my vagina in a lazy circular motion and found myself orgasming with great waves of pleasure. Pressing the button to turn off Dalia, I slowly took her out and enjoyed a gorgeous afterglow, my vagina and vulva still twitching!

Do I like Rocks-Off Dalia?

For a battery operated sex toy I though Dalia was really strong. I loved the deep rumbly vibrations, something you often only find with rechargeable, more expensive sex toys. The skin safe silicone felt incredibly silky against the delicate skin of my vulva and vagina, not dragging like some products that are made using poor quality silicone.

I liked the way the Dalia filled my vagina without feeling uncomfortable, just right.

I have to admit I initially had reservations that I would enjoy a G-spot orgasm with the Dalia so I was extremely surprised and very happy when I did!

A great sex toy, ideal for both internal and external stimulation, and for offering sexual stimulation to a partner along the shaft of their penis and around the head too.


  • Silky smooth silicone
  • Deep, rumbling vibrations, not what you expect with a battery operated sex toy
  • Easy to use button control
  • Curved shape is great for clitoral stimulation and for targeting the G-spot or however you describe your pleasure spot!
  • 100% waterproof so ideal for bathtime fun and easy to clean
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries ( included), you just need to ensure they are inserted in the right way.

I didn’t try the RO-120 on its own but that is an option you have when choosing this classic vibrator, creating a 2 in 1 sex toy.


  • You have to cycle through the speeds and pulsations but it is not really a problem once you’ve had a play with the Dalia and found the speed and pulsations you like.