Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

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Having seen this sex toy advertised, I was rather confused as to how it worked. Did it just suck your clitoris or did it vibrate? It is described as a clitoral stimulator, but looks nothing like any of the clitoral stimulators I’ve tried before, so I was curious to see what it could do!

Arriving in a sturdy box, which is discreet, the Satisfyer Pro 2 was packed in a plastic container with its USB charging cable.

Putting it onto charge for a couple of hours, you can either plug it into your computer or use a mains charger, I left it doing its thing. A single 150-minute charge is supposed to get you 30 minutes of playtime, so plenty of time to enjoy an orgasm.

Once charged, I had a play around with the controls to get a feel for the Satisfyer Pro 2.

How do I describe this unusual sex toy?

It felt really light and easy to hold in my hand; some toys can feel too heavy or just awkward. The body of the toy is made from firm ABS plastic, making it phthalate free, non-porous and body safe – always a plus for me: I won’t use sex toys unless they are skin safe.

The nozzle is detachable, made from skin safe silicone, making it easy to clean and gentle on the delicate skin of your clitoris.

Being waterproof, this sex toy is easy to clean, which is always a plus as lube and vaginal secretions can get stuck in nooks and crannies of many other sex toys.

It has an on button and 11 levels of pulsations, if I can call them that. It relies on pulsating airwaves rather than a sucking motion, so when I played it on my hand my skin wasn’t sucked, but gently stimulated. The range of pulsations range from barely there to extremely strong. It definitely doesn’t vibrate.

The instructions advise you get a seal over your clitoris and when you do, you’ll notice the change in sound, it gets much quieter, indicating you have it in the right place, which became obvious as soon as I used it.

Ready to play

Starting on the lowest setting, the 2 button controls ergonomically placed for ease of use, it’s really difficult to explain just how it felt. It is definitely not sucking your clit, more caressing or gently patting it, and it felt so good!

I increased the pulsations up to around 4 but found this a bit too stimulating. The only annoying thing is you have to cycle up through the settings to get back to a lower one, so I turned it off and back on to find level 2.

Nestling back into the pillows, I just left it in place on my clit and enjoyed the sensations coursing through my clitoris and vagina, I could actually feel the muscles of my vagina twitching, which was a rather pleasurable sensation.

Never had an orgasm like this before!

I have a tendency to orgasm too quickly with vibrators, but found this wasn’t the case with Satisfyer Pro 2. It seemed to be a slow build up to my orgasm, but in a way I had never felt before. Little tremors ran through my thighs from my vagina, or that’s how it felt.

After relaxing and thoroughly enjoying all the amazing sensations running through my clitoris, I suddenly found myself having the most intense, prolonged orgasm I think I’ve ever had with a sex toy, which seemed to go on and on, with waves of pulsations coursing through my clit and my vagina. My thighs were going into overdrive, and I felt my whole body shuddering from my orgasm. It slowly subsided but left me with pleasurable muscles contractions making me shudder but in a pleasing sexual way.

OMG! I have never had a clitoral orgasm like that before. It was so different from those I’ve had through masturbation, either solo or with my partner or using a range of sex toys. It was, quite simply, the most intense, prolonged orgasm I’ve ever had with a sex toy.

Having finally recovered from my unique yet breathtaking orgasm, I went to find my husband to tell him all about my lovely new friend, with my thighs still twitching when I recounted just how amazing it felt. Seeing my excitement and the gentle flush tinting on my cheeks, he suggested we try it during sex the next time.

I’m not too good at sharing!

Having tried Satisfyer Pro 2 I initially wasn’t keen to share it with him as I had enjoyed it so much on my own. But not being selfish, we tried it during sex. We discussed what position would be best to avoid it getting in the way and tried snuggly, one of our go-to positions, which is him being snuggled up behind me, allowing him to put his penis in my vagina and access to my clit at the same time. However, I struggled to get a seal on my clit as the thrusting movement kept knocking it out of place rather annoyingly, so we switched positions to me on top.

Being one of my favourite positions as I love taking control and normally have a blended orgasm this way. We struggled again for me to get a seal over my clitoris, so I jumped off and positioned myself in reverse cowgirl, which made his penis feel really deep and big and gave me full access to my clit. Getting a perfect seal over the nub of my clit, he commented that he could really feel my vagina twitching as the Satisfyer Pro 2 gently caressed my clitoris.

Once again my orgasm came upon me out of the blue after building slowly, and it exploded into a shuddering climax, making my vagina tighten and pulsate, all of which my husband loved. Once I got my breath back, I switched to face him as I find I enjoy the intimacy of looking at his face and being able to kiss, which you can’t do in reverse cowgirl. Slipping his penis inside me, I felt really tight but in a very satisfying way, which didn’t make him last very long afterwards!

Getting greedy now!

Being brave the other day I tried Satisfyer Pro 2 on level 4 with a little water-based lubricant, making an even better seal, which produced yet another amazingly unique orgasm and I think I’ll stay with this level for now. The lower levels actually feel far more intense than the higher ones, which are too much for me and also made me feel a little desensitized.

So, do I love Satisfyer Pro 2?

I think you can probably tell I definitely do, which is surprising, considering I really didn’t understand what it did when I first saw it, but knew I wanted to try it. It didn’t do what I thought I would do, just suck my clitoris, but something unique that felt wonderful and extremely pleasurable.

So, if you’re looking for that unique sex toy, Satisfyer Pro 2 definitely covers this role, a sex toy creating orgasms like never before!


  • Unique sex toy like no other I’ve tried
  • Gives you a very different orgasm from using a clitoral vibrator
  • Easy to clean as it’s waterproof
  • Skin safe
  • Rechargeable- I don’t think I’ll have to recharge it much as I am sticking to the lowest pulsations levels at the moment!


  • It is a little (not very) noisy until you get the right seal – but it is quiet once you have it in the right place.