OhMiBod Cuddle Review

OhMiBod Cuddle Review

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Having tried the OhMiBod Discover vibrator, I was keen to try the Cuddle. Designed for G-spot stimulation, I personally didn’t think it would be big enough to reach mine, having used much larger sex toys for this. However, this gorgeous vibrator is very deceptive!

As usual, it arrived in its beautiful box, ideal to give as a gift if you aren’t keen or very good at wrapping presents! Opening the box, the Cuddle was found nestled inside.

It is a compact product; its sleek shaft has a subtle curve and a slightly raised bump in the very tip of the shaft. This more realistic, phallic design has been designed to deliver precise intense vibrations directly to your G-Spot.

I had a play with the easy to use control, cycling through the 7 preset vibration patterns and 6 levels of intensity, noticing just how whisper-quiet it is, yet I found that the vibrations felt very powerful in my hand. I have to say noisy sex toys completely turn me off, so this was a plus.

Never one to be very patient, I slipped my knickers off whilst still fully clothed, and lay back on the bed. Using a little YES organic oil based lube, my go to lubricant every time along with the water based lube too, I had a gentle play on the already pulsating clitoris.

Wow, this little sex toy certainly packed a punch so not wanting to peak too early, I slowly slipped it inside my vagina. I have to say I’m a woman who loves a big penis and larger sex toys, just for that feeling of fullness so I began to think that this Cuddle wouldn’t do anything internally.

Playing with it more vigorously, I inserted it as far as it would go, and suddenly realised it was hitting my G-spot very nicely. Massaging the curved head of the Cuddle over this sensitive spot, I felt my orgasm begin to build. Not wanting to come too quickly I pulled it out and began massaging my throbbing clitoris.

I’ve recently started to use an edging technique with my orgasms as I often come too quickly.
Edging involves bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm, then stopping, and repeating this technique several times. I’ve only managed to repeat this a few times before succumbing to my orgasm but I found this technique working with my Cuddle.

Just when I couldn’t cope anymore with the delicious vibrations on my clitoris, I slipped it into my vagina and hit that glorious G-spot, savouring the waves of pleasure coursing through my whole body. I came to a breathless orgasm very quickly! Slipping Cuddle out of my vagina, I felt my clitoris still twitching as the last waves of my orgasm died away.

As someone who has reviewed many sex toys, big and small, I say you can never judge a book by its cover and OhMiBod Cuddle is no exception. I was incredibly surprised by the power of Cuddle and the fact I had such a strong G-spot orgasm. The clever shape of the smooth shaft with its slight curve and the specially moulded head is designed exactly to to caress your G-Spot.

Cuddle even stands up against other more expensive G-spot vibrators that often don’t hit the spot for me.

I have to say OhMiBod have got it just right with this deceptively powerful sex toy and I for one, will be reaching for it from my bedside drawer again and again.