Sexy Christmas Gifts For Men

Sexy Christmas Gifts For Men

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Struggling to find a present for your partner this year? Another jumper isn’t going to light any sexual sparks, so why not be more naughty than nice and get them what they really wants – the promise of fabulous sex!

Add some Christmas spice to your festive fun and treat them or yourself to a fabulous sex toy.

Cock rings

Cock rings make great presents because they are small and great to share. Worn by penis owners, a vibrating cock ring such as the Je Joue Mio offers increased sexual pleasure to you both. With the vibrating nub on the ring sitting comfortably against the clitoris or anus providing fabulous fluttering vibrations and the tight ring around the penis making them feel bigger, harder and last longer, you can both enjoy amazing orgasms together.

Why not treat yourself and your partner with the Screaming O Charged Combo. You can slip the ABS plastic bullet into the very stretchy two-sided cock ring to enjoy vibrating enhancement with a partner, worn around just the penis or both penis and testicles, use the bullet in the finger sleeve to transform your fingertip into a powerful sex toy or just enjoy the bullet on its own.

The Atom Plus is the world’s first cock ring designed with dual integrated motors, offering intense perineum stimulation combined with powerful vibrations on the top of the shaft of the penis. Designed to be worn around the testicles and penis, the rechargeable Atom Plus is ideal for solo pleasure or with a partner.

Prefer a non vibrating ring? Screaming O Ringo Pro is a set of 3 reusable silicone rings, allowing you to choose the ring for gentle support through to tighter constriction. The two larger ones are designed to go around both the penis and testicles and depending on your size, the smaller one can be worn in the same postion or just around your penis. Having wide flat bands these rings offer even pressure and feel comfortable to wear.

Penis masturbators

Penis masturbators offer such a different sexual sensation to manual or mutual masturbation such as the Fleshlight and Verspanken they can either use for solo play or you can take control , driving them wild. The Fleshlight have a range of different internal sleeves to create a variety of sexual sensations and the Verspanken is great fun, offering foam or water filled “wieners”: lip-shaped sausages designed to be slipped over the penis for a totally wild ride.

The Tenga range of egg male masturbators make the perfect stocking filler and a great start to enjoying sex toys if your partner is a newcomer.

The Rocks-Off Hand Solo and Fun Factory Cobra Libra V2 both vibrate, stimulating the penis through varying levels of vibration and modes. When placed over the end of the penis, the Cobra sends waves of vibrations through to the base of the penis. The Hand Solo is designed to be stroked up and down the length of the penis, providing thrilling sensations with every stroke.

The Pulse III Solo Essential is a superb vibrator which can be used with both an erect or flaccid penis, the unique vibrating plates offering a completely different sexual sensation to many other vibrators for people with a penis. The Pulse III Duo is designed for couples’ play with a remote control to change the intensity levels of the soft vibrating underside, which sends waves of intense pleasure clitoris, bringing new levels of intimacy to foreplay.

It may not look like a sex toy but the Fun Factory Manta is designed to be the perfect fit for partner sex as well as solo play, sliding between your bodies and turning your penis into a vibrator. The manta ray shape isn’t just for better coverage. The “wings” and the cleft in the center also enhance the power of the motor, adding movement to the vibration, allowing you to enjoy precision stimulation over and under the head, along the shaft, and against the base. It’s also an amazing blowjob accessory, circling the back of the penis for a deep-throat feel.

Share the Pleasure

Many sex toys designed for vagina/vulva owners are great to share with a partner with a vulva/vagina or a penis. Most people love the idea of watching their partner using a sex toy on themselves or taking control of their pleasure.

Start small if you are a beginner to the world of sex toys, you can always expand your range and size of sex toy as you discover what they can offer to you both.

Clitoral stimulators are very small but great to share. Offering intense levels of vibrations, they are ideal for gently rubbing against your clitoris either just for your partner’s eyes or during sexual intercourse. The vibrations travelling through your clitoris will make themselves felt in their penis, pleasuring you both. You can also use them on nipples, and up and down the shaft of the penis, around the glans and under the perineum, drive you partner crazy with pleasure. Their discrete size makes them perfect for popping in your bag or when on your travels whenever the urge takes you!

Choose a vibrator vibrators includng Rocks-Off Chaiamo to play over your clitoris and inside your body to help your partner understand what feels good for you and encourage them to repeat the action during sex. If you like a rabbit vibrator, choose the Fun Factory Miss Bi to enjoy blended clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Show your partner just how much sex toys can enhance both your sexual pleasure during sex to give them the boost to buy you more!

Designed for pure pleasure, the luxuriously sleek rechargeable Oriel by Rocks-Off is the perfect addition for anyone who enjoys intense, sensual and full on vibrational contact.

Discreet in appearance but powerful in performance, the sensory velvet touch silicone, easy controls and flexible head allows you to direct deep vibrations exactly where you want them as Oriel adapts to your body’s curves and trigger points. is the perfect addition for anyone who enjoys intense, sensual and full on vibrational contact.

Enjoy a relaxing massage as the deep vibration ease those aching muscles and then move on to even more pleasurable massage as you caress the super soft silicone head over those intimate areas just begging to be teased and coaxed into submission.

Curious about anal play?

Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Pearls is ideal for beginners or those looking to expand their sexual horizons, the Rocks Off Pearls are gorgeous anal beads that are sure to enhance the strength of your orgasms! Let your anticipation build as you insert the Pearls one bead at a time, submitting to the highly erotic sensations.

Pearls is such a versatile 3 in 1 sex toy. Experience intense anal vibrations as the RO 80mm bullet sends its powerful pleasure waves through each and every pearl, remove the bullet to enjoy the sexual sensation and fullness of wearing anal beads or indulge in clitoral, nipple and penis stimulation as you play the bullet over the body.

Prefer a non vibrating butt plug? The gorgeous Doxy Plug comes in two designs, an elegant, smooth tapered shape incorporating an extra-long stem for added comfort or ribbed for extra sexual sensation. The solid flat base means you can use the plug without worrying it will slip inside. The finishing tough is the stylish brushed aluminium storage case, making it the perfect gift.

Looking for a bigger toy?

Perfect for couples play, Rocks-Off Falex anal wand delivers intense power and increased pleasure with every deep and thrilling vibration. Iconic in shape, Falex’s curved tip and expertly designed shaft will enhance the intensity of your orgasm with accurate prostate stimulation as it contours intimately to your body. Indulge yourself fully in safe anal play as Falex’s flared base sits firmly and securely to your body for your ultimate satisfaction. Falex can also be used for vaginal and clitoral stimulation too.

Couples sex toys are a great to share your sexual pleasure, some are even remote or hand held control.

The Doppio 2 is an advanced vibrating toy for solo play or with your partner for foreplay and during penetrative sex. Take advantage of its 3 powerful motors and range of 7 speeds and vibration modes to discover the perfect sexual stimulation just for you.

The We-Vibe Ditto is a remote control vibrating butt plug, with a supplied remote control and the ability to be controlled by the We-Vibe Connect App. The app allows you to control your Ditto from an iPhone or Android phone. You can share access to your Ditto across the internet to allow a partner to control your plug, even when they are on the other side of the world! Great to use with YES BUT organic anal lubricant.

Rocks-Off Valex is the obvious choice for anyone who love power! Varex is a 10-function anal plug with hand held control designed to give you bigger and better orgasmic satisfaction. Great to use with or without the vibrating power egg. The gently tapered head makes it easy to insert and the slim neck ensures that Varex sits firmly in position while you relax and enjoy intense anal stimulation. Whether you let your partner take the lead or you control their pleasure is up to you.

Rocks-Off Index is a powerful prostate stimulator that delivers maximum satisfaction. The flexible silicone shaft is designed to fit perfectly against your P spot, it’s shape creating a sense of fullness. Great to use with or without the vibrating power egg With turbo charged 10-functions all at the push of a button, you can take charge of your level of sexual stimulation or surrender control to a partner, the choice is yours. Enhance your solo pleasure or let your partner decide the ride!


Using a good lubricant during sex or foreplay can greatly increase sexual pleasure, so invest in YESWB, YESOB, YESBUT or Sutil Luxe to enjoy a slippery Christmas. A well-lubricated penis or anus can help you last longer and heighten you sexual pleasure. These are all safe to use with any sex toy and condom except YES oil based lube which is not latex condom compatible.

If you like really slippery sex, try ID Velvet silicone lubricant to have longer sex play. Just remember silicone lubricants should not be used with silicone sex toys but are great with glass or metal sex toys.

Get all tied up

Sometimes being naughty can be really nice! Light bondage such as ties and blindfolds can enhance your sexual tension, thus increasing your sexual pleasure. Try some silky ties to either bind your partner to the bed or be bound yourself. Being restrained at the mercy of your partner will get your sexual juices flowing and make you feel both excited and nervous at the same time. Tying up your partner will put you in control, making you feel sexually powerful.

Depriving your partner of their sight will heighten their other senses such as hearing, touch and taste, so whisper what you are going to do to them, caress their skin with feather-like touches and feed them tiny morsels of chocolate or drizzle champagne over their lips and body and lightly lap it off with your tongue.

Play and tease their body with a Feather Slapper a kinky twist on a riding crop. With a feathery end for tantalising tickles, the added snap of the crop makes for the perfect combination of naughty and nice impact play, you choose which one you would like to deliver or receive

The gorgeous silicone whip from Sex and Mischief features touchable silicone strands, perfect for gentle sensory touch or a good old’ no-nonsense whipping.

Indulge in sensual touch with a Sensory Wheel and enjoy sensory deprived pleasure by adding a blindfold while you run the wheels along your partner’s skin.

Not for everyone, some people really enjoy nipple play and these fabulous Nipple Suckers are asy to use and fun to play with too.

Make a sexy hamper full of surprises

Who needs pre-made hampers at Christmas when you can make a personally designed hamper full of sexual treats just for your partner and you. Buy a small chest or wicker basket to create an adult toy box of fun and fill it with a fantastic sex toy, YES lubricant, a sensually scented massage oil or candle to incorporate a sensual massage into your foreplay, light bondage such as silky ties and blindfold or feathery ticklers to tantalise those sensitive places on his body.

Include an erotic book to enjoy together, or create your own message cards offering 12 months of treats or sexy suggestions of things you would like to do to them and vice versa. Pop in some dark chocolate along with a bottle of bubbly to drizzle over their body and lick off with your tongue. Finally, wrap it up in shiny paper and pop it under the tree, or keep it in a secret place until Christmas Day.