Sexy August

Sexy August

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August is the sexiest month of the year! According to surveys, August is when many Brits have the most sex, followed closely by July and then June.

This is due to the increase in temperature during these warmer summer months which makes us feel more sexy. We tend to wear less clothing, revealing more of our bodies and feel much happier and better about ourselves. We are also more likely to take holidays which increases the opportunity to have more sex.

During the summer months we spend more time outside in the sunlight which boosts levels of the feel good hormones serotonin, dopamine and testosterone. Scientists have found that men can have up to 33% more testosterone flowing through their bodies during the summer months compared to the winter months, which can lead to more orgasms.

A recent study conducted by the Medical University of Gras, Austria (2013) found that men with increased vitamin D levels in their body had increased levels of testosterone in their blood. Therefore, men are more likely to have higher testosterone levels in the summer months as Vitamin D levels are boosted by sunlight. Vitamin D supplements are often given to men who have low testosterone levels.

Sunlight is beneficial to the sexual health of women too. Women who have very little exposure to sunlight often suffer from menstrual problems or have no menstrual periods at all. This can be rectified by treating them to sunlight therapy or encouraging them to spend time in the sun every day to help them to resume normal regular menstrual cycles.

Infertility is associated with low vitamin D, caused by lack of exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D aids the production of oestrogen. This may be why increased problems of infertility may be due to lack of sun exposure and overcrowding in cities.

Warm summer days inspire a feel good factor in both men and women, who are more likely to flirt and have fun together if the sun is shining rather than on a cold, rainy day.

A study conducted by the University of South Brittany in France found that girls are more likely to give out their telephone numbers when approached by an attractive male when the weather is sunny rather than overcast.

Sadly, when the sun disappears, so does our sex drive. Researchers found that we have more melatonin in our bodies in the winter, resulting in a lower sex drive and depression, coupled with cold and wet weather.

The research found that the winter months were the most sexually desolate, with people having the least amount of sex in February, despite Valentine’s Day falling during this month.

Yet the most common birth date in the UK is September 16th, making the middle of December when all these people were conceived. So, in spite of the dreary weather, sperm production is at its best during this time. Hot weather can have an impact upon the quality of sperm. It can make us feel more lethargic and less inclined to feel like having sex.

The cold, dreary winter months don’t inspire much sex but we tend to become a little frisky around December during the festive season. The combination of Christmas holidays and mistletoe may make us feel more inclined to have sex. You may also receive a lovely sex toy as a present to boost your sex life and send your pulse racing! Also double the amount of condoms are bought in December. The thought of snuggling up together in front of a log fire, watching a romantic film and sipping a hot toddy sounds quite appealing and could lead to other things.

We may be having more sex in August but fewer babies are being conceived during this time. So if you are starting a family, consider the timing carefully. If not, just enjoy having lots of hot sex in the summer.