10 Common Myths About Women And Sex

10 Common Myths About Women And Sex

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1. Women have less sexual desire than men

This is a common belief because men are more impulsive, more reactive and find it easier to climax, but women just express their sexual desire differently and more discreetly. Men make love to feel loved whereas women like to feel loved before making love. Low libido in women is so commonly talked about and discussed, we tned to overlook that men can experience a low libido, no longer wanting to have sex too.

2. Women talk about sex among themselves more than men

Women do talk about sex with their friends but often reveal the more salacious aspects of their sex lives, whereas men talk about sex in general, whether it is good or bad. Women are more proactive in seeking advice about sexual issues compared to men too.

3. Women masturbate very little or not at all

According to a recent study, 60% of women do masturbate: but female masturbation is still a taboo subject, even today. The benefits of masturbation are numerous from helping you to sleep better to discovering ways to enjoy orgasms, to reducing stress and boosting your immunity. So, even though we may not admit to masturbating, so many women are enjoying self love every day!

4. All women love cunnilingus

This is not necessarily true. 75% of women have experienced oral sex but according to a study from the USA, 45% of women are uncomfortable receiving oral sex due to embarrassment or simply that they don’t enjoy it. Maybe their partner’s technique is not as good as it should be!

5. Sex is not important to women

There is a preconceived idea that women don’t enjoy sex, which just isn’t true. Some women don’t enjoy sex because it just isn’t that good: they may have had bad sexual experiences and haven’t found a partner to ignite their flame.

The sale of sex toys is a good indicator that women are getting pleasure in other ways. Using a sex toy can enhance sexual desire and lead to wanting more sex, not less, and using one during sexual intercourse can greatly improve your experience.

Some men feel inadequate if their partners use sex toys, but they need to realise that combining sex toys with great sex can make fantastic sex! There are many male sex toys available that can improve sexual pleasure too, so men don’t need to feel left out.

6. A woman is not sexually aroused if her vagina does not get wet naturally

Most of the time, lack of vaginal lubrication is nothing to do with being sexually aroused and can be caused by hormonal changes, the menopause, stress, lack of sexual activity or side effects from medication. Finding and treating the cause of vaginal dryness will help the problem and using a good quality lubricant will improve the way sexual intercourse feels.

7. Women like to take their time

This is partly true. Many women enjoy foreplay just as much as sexual intercourse but we’re not adverse to quickie sex. The thrill of having sex when you may be found out or are short on time can heighten your sexual arousal and make the experience all the more exciting.

8. Women like to be wooed

Yes, we do like flowers, chocolates, surprise gifts and love notes but we also like bad boys too who don’t give in to our every wish. Just making a cup of tea when we get home is great: it doesn’t need to be violins and champagne all the time, only occasionally!

9. Women need to be in love to make love

We all know this isn’t true. Many women have guilt free sex with someone they are not in love with. As long as there is respect involved, it doesn’t matter if you are in love or not. Women have needs too, just like men.

10. Size matters

This has long been a worrying problem for men who think female pleasure and orgasm is dependent upon the size of their penis, but it isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable if your partner has a penis that is very large. The depth of the vagina is limited and the G-spot is located just inside the vagina, about 4cm from the labia, not deep inside it. Great foreplay, in depth knowledge of what makes us tick and good communication are essential rather than the size of your penis, so stop worrying and start honing your technique to put the spark back into your sexual relationship. It’s not how big you are but what you can do with your penis that matters to women.

These are sexual myths that have appeared over the years but as you can see, they can be dispelled very easily. Many of us know that they just aren’t true and enjoy wonderful sex, so don’t believe everything that you read about women and sexual myths.