A meeting with the Big Boss

A meeting with the Big Boss

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These days the once rare occasions in which I would find myself completely home alone are becoming more commonplace. The kids seem to have practically moved out, their friends’ houses being far more interesting than ours, and sometimes it seems like Mr Divine spends more time commuting and at work than he does at home.

Most of my days off I tend to while away the hours catching up on housework or solving the odd puzzle or two in the local paper, however there are stolen chances that I try to make the most of…

On a whim, I had ordered a new product that looked and sounded simply tantalising: the Big Boss G5 from Fun Factory. After reading the specifications and studiously inspecting the photos, I was sure that this toy was for me!

I couldn’t help but grin when my parcel arrived- despite the plain packaging, I knew what was buried beneath the brown cardboard and couldn’t wait to start playing.

To make sure that I wasn’t disappointed, I charged up my new toy straight away to guarantee it wouldn’t give up on me; I could only imagine how frustrating being moments away from climax to have a toy give up on you might be!

I had to be patient, though- I wanted to be completely alone when I tried my new toy so I could get lost in the moment, so it stayed in my bedside drawer, the wait and temptation building my arousal.

Yesterday I got my fix: I know it sounds naughty, but as soon as I heard the front door shut and I knew that I was alone, I snuck upstairs for a secret session with my new vibrator.

I eagerly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my legs along with my knickers before kicking them off, skating onto the bed and reaching for my brand new vibe. Even without turning it on, I relished in the fullness of the firm silicone tip against my clitoris and labia: this was a toy that commanded attention.

Once in a comfortable position, the slight curve of the tip cupping the base of my clitoris, I pressed the magic Fun Button to see what this vibrator could do.

I started to writhe immediately from the intense sensations that began to throb against my delicate skin. The powerful motor travelled expertly through the entirety of the vibrator’s shaft: this toy clearly had an expert design.

Holding the shaft in my hand, the realistic feel of it within my grasp was undeniable; I rolled the smooth tip around my clitoris, feeling it engorging with pleasure as the vibrations seemingly pulsed through out me!

As I swirled the firm tip against my ever increasingly sensitive clitoris, I decided to experiment with the pulse patterns. Once past the constant, strong settings, I found the differing pulses were as fervent as Mr Divine’s tongue eagerly exploring my excited bud, taking me closer to ecstasy.

Close to cumming, I dropped the toy lower, swirling it slightly in and around my vagina- it was still too big to fully insert- before sliding it back to my clit. The warmth of my wetness against my now tingling clitoris sent waves of pleasure through my entire body. My legs twitched and my toes curled, yet the pulses that were being sent throughout my body were too pleasurable to deny.

I felt it, then, the spark of my impending orgasm ignite within me, and I played through the remaining pulse settings in order to tease my climax from deep within.

I suddenly felt a strong thrill emanating from my core, and relished as it began to build upon itself. My thighs automatically drew closer together as the almost bewildering sensation of a strong orgasm manifested within me, and I shuddered with delight as it burst from the warmth between my legs!

I was now ready to experience the fullness of the girthy vibrator within me. It’s a toy with prowess that requires a lot of lubrication!

I had to turn the vibrator off following my climax, the sheer size of it amazing enough without the vibrations to push me over the edge. Using such a filling product would take time and shouldn’t be rushed- a toy such as this was hard to come by!

Smothering a copious handful of thick yet sensual lubricant on the firm and substantial shaft was actually quite arousing. I supposed this was because of its realistic shape- I couldn’t help but imagine lubeing up a huge penis, such as Mr Divine’s deliciously throbbing member, ready for it to plunge deep inside me.

I began to ease the shaft into my vagina, which took a little more time than usual due to its sheer size! I wiggled the tip slowly into my eagerly awaiting wetness, finally easing a majority of the vibrator inside me; there was no denying the pleasure I was experiencing from those first subtle thrusts.

Turning the toy back on, it had taken me from the pulsation modes back to the first vibration setting, but that wasn’t a bad thing by any means!

I could feel the vibes from the tip, through the shaft, right through to the handle- I had never experienced a toy like it. The sensual lube, combined with my own heated wetness had made the shaft slick so that I was able to manoeuvre the big vibrator in and out of me, up and down, relishing in the G-Spot stimulation and deeper penetration near my cervix.

Another orgasm sparked within me as I pushed the vibrator deeply, the girth of the toy filling me completely as I writhed, my rhythm in tune with the tempo of my own hand as I controlled the thrusts of the vibrator deeper and deeper inside of me.

The vibrations carried strongly throughout the shaft of this gargantuan toy- even when I had thrust it deeply as I could, I still felt vibrations against my labia and clitoris.

I came strongly- it was a big, wet orgasm that thundered through my whole body, and I twitched with pleasure as I clenched against the toy within me. Breathless, I slowly withdrew the toy from me, panting and relishing in the final moments of being filled completely.

Sometimes wasn’t too bad having the house to myself; there are certain ways to while the hours away. I couldn’t wait to schedule another meeting with my Boss!