Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments

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I do hate it when Mr Divine has to go away on business trips. The kids seem to be in the house for flashes of time, busy with either school or their social lives. I may be house proud, wanting everything immaculate and spending lots of time with housework, but I find there are occasions that I just sit on the sofa, twiddling my thumbs.

It was the afternoon and I was watching a film on my own, as I would be for the remainder of the day. It wasn’t a sexy film, but one of the actresses in it was captivating. She was lithe, supple and pert. Sometimes my mind can run away with me, and in this instance it drifted away from the plot of the movie to my own little world. A world where such a woman would look at me, would approach me and would ask me back to hers.

My fingers found themselves down my trousers and I manipulated my clitoris through my knickers as I played out the scenario in my mind.

Women are so soft- their lips, their skin, their touch. Not like a man- certainly not like Mr Divine, who isn’t exactly kept on a leash. He seems to be like a hungry beast with a craving for my flesh- not that I’m complaining!

But I pictured myself with this beautiful creature, our girlish giggles as she unbuttoned my blouse and I slipped the straps of her vest over her golden shoulders. She cupped my breasts eagerly and planted firm kisses on them, slipping her dainty hands beneath the fabric of my bra and caressing the soft skin of my nipples.

I ripped her vest over her head breathlessly, taking in her supple breasts and dropping my head, sucking at her puckered nipple. She eased my blouse down my arms, away from me, unfastening my bra and letting it slip to the floor.

As I fervently circled my fingers over the material of my knickers, I could picture her squeezing at my breast as she guided my face from her own to give me a heated kiss. Her tongue crashed with mine as I frantically unbuttoned my trousers as she dropped her shorts to the floor.

While I was wearing pretty lace knickers, she was now completely naked- in my little fantasy this was a woman who wasn’t bothered by lingerie!

She beckoned me to the sofa, and I lay next to her, legs entwined, as we kissed. Our hands travelled up and down each other’s shoulders and backs, ready to devour one another. As my own hand slipped down my underwear, in my head hers did the same. I had painted such a vivid picture that it was no longer my own fingers on my clitoris, but hers.
I was hot now, both in my fantasy and in reality. While I slipped my middle finger into my own vagina, finding my G-Spot, in my head I had done this to her. She would be tight, I imagined, hot and tight.

But she wouldn’t be contented with this, oh no. As I relished in my building wetness I tried to imagine what she would like- sex toys, a strap on? But suddenly my fantasy jumped to us on the floor, faces buried between each other’s thighs.

I could almost taste her sweetness as I pictured her tongue on my clitoris instead of my own fingers. The warmth of her mouth kissing me, teasing me before plunging her tongue inside me, lapping at my G-Spot.

I could feel my orgasm building, and suddenly in my fantasy, Mr Divine was on the same sofa that I had been previously fooling around on with this young temptress, watching.

As she was bringing me to ecstasy, he was undressing, then beside me on the floor, cupping my breasts and kissing my neck. I broke away from her and shuffled round, massaging my hand up and down Mr Divine’s hardening cock. I was moaning with pleasure as I did so as the actress was still zealously licking and caressing my clitoris with her tongue.

I could picture myself so vividly in this tumble of flesh, Mr Divine in front of me, his engorged member in both my hands and mouth, the tanned and eager actress behind me, ardently brushing her tongue around my swollen, throbbing clitoris. She was slipping her fingers in and out of me, and I was increasingly aware of the heat that radiated from within me.

Fantasies can be mind-blowing because you can be selfish; they’re all about you and your needs, and right there and then I wanted Mr Divine to be there but I needed this golden goddess too.

I swiftly felt the spark of my orgasm ignite as the image I had painted in my head went on, with Mr Divine and the golden girl both reaching a hand to play with my breasts. I was more than willing to accommodate this, moving so that we were more of a “W” shape than a straight line. I still had Mr Divine in my mouth, fondling his balls and massaging his perineum while the actress continued to greedily lap away at me, her tongue seemingly everywhere.

My orgasm came slowly, but it was strong. The picture in my head melted away as I caught my breath and I realised that I was on my own again, sat on the sofa in the lounge. Panting, I raised my free hand to my face, which was now radiating heat.

I was probably blushing in the aftermath, but sometimes a stolen moment to play out such a raunchy scenario in your mind is a great way to play away the time.