An Erotic Halloween

An Erotic Halloween

I’m a wimp, a chicken, a complete cowardly custard. I don’t watch scary films because well, unsurprisingly really, they scare the living crap out of me. I don’t enjoy it either, Diary, I know some people do though. It’s some kind of great adrenalin rush, my hubby and the kids are all fans of scaring themselves witless, they rush to the big rollercoasters and look forward to Halloween every year.

Me? Not so much. I’m just about capable of handing out sweets to kids in cute costumes on my doorstep but past that I’m useless. I don’t want to dress up as anything creepy, I don’t even like looking at the costumes in the shops, some of them are downright disgusting in my personal opinion. I’m definitely a bit of a Halloween hater. So when Mr Divine and the kids settle down on Halloween night to watch a marathon of evil, wicked horror movies I go to bed early and read a book interrupted only by the odd scream and yelp as the family get wrapped up in what they’re watching.

It’s quite nice actually, to have an excuse to go and sit in bed with some sweets—funny how there’s always some left over when the trick or treaters have finished— a mug of something hot and sweet and a good book. Surprisingly I don’t pick up a gently entertaining novel, a light romance or a funny chic lit paperback. I enjoy both of those in their place but at Halloween I find it appropriate to find books about werewolves and vampires and ghosts.

Not the classics either, no, I suspect you can guess where I’m going with this. I get sexy, erotic books on my Kindle that feature these classically horrifying characters. It’s strange really, considering how easily scared I am, that I’ve always had a soft spot for vampires. A soft, wet, gooey spot. There’s something about the cockiness of an undead soul-sucker that I find very appealing. I watched all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes with the youngest Divine to watch just the kind of vampires I like. I think it has something to do with the fact they kiss and nibble on the neck, it’s one of my favourite erogenous zones so I get carried away thinking about a hot man digging his fangs into my jugular vein. It seems very erotic as nasty deaths go and of course, it can lead to living forever and not getting older which can’t be all that bad!

I’ve devoured Victoria Blisse’s Point Vamp series, with vamps and sex very much intertwined, picked up a few shifter eBooks (that’s the proper term for humans that change into animals, so now you know) with werewolves and other beasts too. They’re more sexy than scary, that’s what I enjoy.

And talking of which, KD Grace’s Lakeland Heatwave trilogy is scarily sexy. Hot witches and spooky goings on in the Lake District. I read them on the kindle initially but I love them so much I’ve now got the paperbacks too. I think I’ll revisit Body Temperature and Rising tonight, I need a little sex magic to get me through Halloween.

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