An Explosive Night

An Explosive Night

Bonfire Night! Now this is more like it. I’m not a fan of Halloween but I love all the fun of Guy Fawkes. I suppose it’s a bit macabre really, celebrating some poor guy being burnt as a heretic but I’m a sucker for anything including fireworks and a big, toasty fire.

And the food! Sticky Parkin and homemade treacle toffee. Jacket potatoes cooked in the bonfire itself filled with chilli con carne and a dollop of sour cream… Delicious. Sorry Diary, for drooling all over you. Every year the Divine tribe trek up the road come rain, wind, snow or fog to the local park for the firework spectacular. I love fireworks, I hate the idea of setting them off myself or letting Mr Divine do it. So off to the display we go. The kids make themselves dizzy on the fairground rides and Mr Divine hooks me a duck. I have an assortment of cheap, mostly ugly soft toys he’s won me, the worst being a bright pink alien.

We eat candy floss and spend time gathered round the bonfire and wait until the fireworks are let loose. I hang onto my husband’s arm and stare into the sky. We ooh and ah and enjoy the pretty glitter and sparkle of the fireworks. I don’t so much enjoy the bangs but I pull my hat down over my ears and push myself closer to Mr Divine. I feel very safe in his arms.

It’s a fabulous family night that we all enjoy. Even though the kids have grown out of so many other family traditions, they still love coming out with us for bonfire night. Mind you, we tend to lose them half way through to their gathered friends. This is where my favourite bit of bonfire night comes in. We tell the kids we’re going home and they ask to stay out longer with their mates. After a little negotiation we let them stay put.

I think you know what happens when the hubby and I get home. We pull off our layers and race upstairs. We dive under the duvet and earnestly work on creating our own fireworks. Cuddles and caresses, kisses for cold fingers and toes and other cold and vulnerable places. We light up the dark with our moans and yelps of desire and the fireworks between us are hotter, brighter and much better than the ones that clap and bang in the sky during our lovemaking. I feel warm, satiated and full of joy when we lie together in bed, snuggled naked in each other’s arms. We open the curtains and watch the straggling fireworks together until the kids get home. I go down stairs and make us all hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and then we all retire to bed.

If you’re curious, Diary, you might wonder why I keep all the tacky teddies that Mr Divine wins for me. Well, I keep them to remind me of each of those nights. I’m terribly sentimental. I remember everything, including the bedroom pyrotechnics, when I look at their blank eyed stares.