Beating The Winter Blues

Beating The Winter Blues

It is wet, windy and cold, Diary. It has been that way for days. I’ve not seen the sun in longer than I like to remember and I’ve taken to wearing my gloves in the house to keep my fingertips from dropping off. It’s miserable, gloomy and I hate having to fight my way through the elements to work… I wish I could stay home and hide away from it.

Autumn is here, summer is well and truly over. I think I might suffer a little from that Seasonal Affective Disorder you hear folks speak about. SAD is a depression that you get when there isn’t as much natural sunlight. I know I’m definitely more inclined to the melancholy when the cold weather hits and the dark nights draw in. However my Mum has some very sage advice that I use a lot in the colder months: count your blessings.

Well, there are plenty of positives to the colder months when I think about it. I get to wrap up warm and drink hot chocolate without feeling guilty, I need to keep the cold at bay, of course. I can put up my fairy lights and enjoy their joyful twinkle, indulging my inner child. There is better programming on television, comforting stews on the menu and puddings with custard for dessert.

You’ve got to drag in every bit of joy you can when the weather is bleak so I make sure I have at least an orgasm a day. It keeps me warm, it cheers me up and I’m sure it’s been scientifically proven that orgasms are good for you, I read it in a magazine somewhere… I’m positive of it. Anyway, I know it makes me feel better and each orgasm counts as a blessing too!

Some days it’s difficult to fit it in. Maybe I’ll get it on in the shower in the morning or I have been known to take a little extra time in the toilet at work when I’ve been extra desperate for the sexual release I need to carry me through the day. I’m not completely obsessive about it, of course I may let a few days slip but I tell you what, my days are much brighter when I’ve come than on the days I skip it.

I remember one particular day when I turned the heating way up and waited for my darling hubby in my lightest, slinkiest negligee and pretended it was summer. It was a glorious hour of stroking and kissing and much more. We were having a superbly sexy time until the oldest kid came home early and we had to scramble into our clothes. Mr Divine ran down to cover for me, I pretended I was ill to explain why the heating was on full. It still makes me giggle to think of it, I’ll have to try it again sometime soon.

Anyway, be it by hand, by my favourite toy (oh my LELO Lily, how I love thee!) or with Mr Divine, an orgasm a day keeps the winter blues away, hurray!