Sexy September

Sexy September

I love the summer, I enjoy the sun: the picnics, the barbecues and I do enjoy having the kids at home, going for days out together and having fun family times. Although, they tend to be slightly more reluctant family times now they’re grown up. They’re not as eager to go on a picnic with me these days, even less so if I suggest we take our teddies like we used to.

However, when September comes I’m happy to see my little ones (they’re in secondary, so I guess they’re not that little any more) go back to school. Life falls back into its regular pattern and I get some time to myself. So while I may mourn the passing of the heat of the summer, I celebrate the falling leaves of autumn and the freedom that they bring me.

It’s lovely to have time to myself, to clean without distraction and to relax with a good (kinky!) book. Time to myself is precious but the very best thing about the kids being back at school is the weekday days off me and Mr Divine sometimes have the pleasure of enjoying.

Mostly we both have weekends off and work in the week but occasionally Mr Divine needs to work a Saturday or a bank holiday so he gets a mid-week day instead. Oh, they’re a joy. We see the kids off in the morning then after a leisurely breakfast – Mr Divine makes a killer omelette – we go back to bed.
It’s not just about the sex, though, diary, though we do enjoy that. It’s not often that we can be completely sure we’re not going to be disturbed for several hours so we make the most of it when it happens. No, I suppose it’s rather cliché now to talk about the afterglow of a good shag but it’s true, and in that joyful, lazy space between orgasm and having to get up and get dressed before the kids get back, there’s time to talk, really talk.

We don’t often debate world issues or discuss politics, though any topic is fair game. We talk about work and the kids, we tell jokes, reminisce about the past, make plans for the future. There’s even conversations about emotions and relationship stuff. It’s such a safe and secure space, there in each other’s arms, that things that might otherwise spark a row can be discussed without animosity.

It’s those moments that keep us glued together. Marriage needs work, it’s true but I think it needs play and relaxation too. I still can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than naked in the arms of my husband. It’s my safe place even if sometimes the things we indulge in might be classed as a little bit dangerous and definitely a bit kinky!

Being alone is essential to good health and I think being alone together is necessary for married couples. I should write a book on it, Diary, I’d make millions. Possibly.