Enjoying Mother's Day My Way!

Enjoying Mother's Day My Way!

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today, diary.

It always happens around Mother’s day because I’m getting to the point where I can’t remember all of them as there’s been so many.

My two kids are teenagers now but they’re running out of teen years too. Soon I’ll have two adult children and that is a little bit scary.

But I’ve had some cracking Mother’s days over the years. Breakfast in bed is a staple for the day, granted it often went all over the bed when they were little but the thought was there.

I still get tea and toast in bed now, though the kids don’t hang around anymore, they have busier social lives than me. I used to love having them play around me as I ate or even try to feed me my breakfast!

I still have some of their early mother’s day presents, made at nursery or school. I’ve got numerous cards of their hand prints and a clay mouse which really doesn’t look like a mouse but I love it all the same. And I cherish a sample of sewing which just says ‘Mum’ that my little boy made when he was eight.

Mother’s day has always been a day dominated by the children. As much a treat for them as me, we’d always arrange to go somewhere and do something together that would keep the whole family happy.

It’s become a struggle as the kids have grown older. They’re at the age where their Dad and I are just too embarrassing to be around.

Last year we all went to the cinema together, I can’t remember what to watch but it was something we all wanted to see so everyone was happy. We sat in the dark, ate popcorn and had a laugh but, as soon as the film was over, the kids were on their phones. Within an hour, both of them had gone off to meet one friend or another, leaving me and Mr Divine all alone.

It’s okay, diary, I didn’t mind. There is only so much family fun we can take and I rather liked the fact Mr Divine continued with the pampering theme when we got home.

I was aching a bit from sitting in the same position for so long at the cinema, so my darling husband gave me a long and very enjoyable back rub and only let himself get distracted by my bottom after I said my back felt much better. He does love to rub massage oil into my arse, and why not, it feels so good for both of us!

And then, well then, it moved onto massaging of a more intimate nature. Sex is essential pampering for me, something I know I need on a regular basis to keep myself on an even keel.

I lay back and let Mr Divine do all the hard work, he didn’t seem to mind though, in fact I’m fairly confident he enjoyed it just as much as me.

So, this year we’re planning to have a meal together on Mother’s day, and then I will be positively encouraging the kids to do a vanishing act, just like last year so I can enjoy the pampering minstrations of Mr Divine!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Written By : Staff