Valentine dilemma

Valentine dilemma

Dear Diary,

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on me and I have a dilemma- what do you get the man who has everything?

Well, Diary, I’ve secured one gift already, the kids are going to be out all day and night too so Mr D and I can get up to some serious, sexy loving without worrying about being discovered or disturbed.

Mr Divine has said he’ll cook my most favourite meal, lasagne too. His lasagne is the best thing you will ever taste. My mouth is watering, just at the thought, I can’t wait.

So being alone with Mr D and being fed delicious food has been sorted but deciding what to get for the man in my life is making my head ache!

I love him to bits but he’s a pain in the bum to buy for.

He despises soft toys, flowers make him sneeze and if I buy him chocolates, I end up eating them all!

A bottle of wine has been my reserve present of late but rather boring and he deserves something with a bit more thought, really.

Thinking that we’re going to have the whole day and night to ourselves my mind turns to naughty thoughts and sexy gifts.

It doesn’t take much to convince me to hop on my favourite sex toy site and looking through the toys for men, I came up with a few possibilities.

The Fun Factory Love Ring 8ight instantly caught my eye. It’s something we could use together and will definitely enhance the experience for both of us. Looking rather classy in black and white and under £15 it seems to be a bargain so I pop it in my basket, I liked it.

But then I was intrigued by a section called ‘vibrators for men’.

I didn’t realise men got their own buzzy toys and boy, do they.

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre V2 looked like a sleek racing car which I knew would appeal to Mr Divine’s love of fast cars and I’d enjoy watching him discovering which of the speeds and stimulation modes really get him going so that went into my basket too.

I could have gone crazy, there were some really fun looking restraints and ties in the Bondage section which set me off on a wonderful little fantasy involving being tied down while Mr Divine tried out his new vibrator. Watching him without being able to touch him or even myself, that got me feeling all kinds of squirmy, I can tell you!

When I started looking at whips and spankers I had to take a break for a few minutes to erm, compose myself and cool down.

And of course, I had to have a peek at the sex toys for women just to see if there was anything I wanted this time but in the end I decided on the two toys, just for him. Maybe I’ll treat myself in a few weeks when we’ve experimented with hubby’s new toys.

So my Valentine’s Day plan is coming together nicely. I’ll have my sexy presents delivered very soon. All I need to do now is to decide on what to wear and what to pop underneath it or not!

I’m sure Mr Divine will love his Valentine gifts, especially as they’re chosen with love (and lust) by me.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love Jo x