Fifty Shades of Naughtiness

Fifty Shades of Naughtiness

Well, Diary, the wait is nearly over and Fifty Shades mania is sweeping the country!

I’ve read the Fifty Shades trilogy and have to admit it didn’t knock my socks off like some other erotica I’ve read but there was something about Christian Grey that kept me reading, no matter how annoying Anastasia Steele got. And she got pretty annoying, I must confess.

I’m looking forward to going to see the film with my girly mates but definitely not Mr Divine! I can’t imagine many men will be there and if they are, I feel sorry for them! It’ll be great fun and a bit of a giggle but then I’ll probably be squirming in my seat a bit too.

I’ve really rather enjoyed the trailers, having watched them all a couple of times, obviously just to be thoroughly sure of what I’m going to see, not for any other reason, you know!

I’m so glad that my cinema squirming will be put to good use because I have someone so much better than Mr Grey at home, my own Mr Divine. He is the kindest, most gentle man I know, Diary. He is sweet and caring and I love the millions of little things he does to show me how much he loves me.

And I especially love when he takes control in the bedroom.

It’s not something we see as a lifestyle but more of a fun addition to our sex lives, just on the odd occasion, when we’re in the mood. We’ve got some very pretty bondage gear, I think I mentioned the lovely Lelo Sutra cuffs we have, suede and silk and wonderfully restraining. There’s a soft, red blindfold too and a matching red Mia vibrator, we got them all in the Lelo Adore me kit and use them regularly.

Over time though, Mr Divine has added to the haul. He caught me looking through my favourite sex toy site when I was supposed to be working on reports once. He loomed over my shoulder and tutted at me. I jumped out of my skin and he calmly took over the mouse and clicked on the Bondage section.

“Put one of those in your basket. When it arrives, I’ll use it on you for being naughty.”

He’d pointed to a jewelled flogger from an aptly named company–Sex and Mischief. I did as he bid and when it arrived I told him.

“Oh good, I’ve been looking forward to this.”

He engineered it so he could have an afternoon off when he knew I’d be home and he used that flogger on me, diary, after stripping me naked and tying me down.

What a wicked thing it is. It tickles, strokes, cracks and stings all at the same time when Mr Divine puts his weight behind the strike.

He punished me, really punished me but the treat he gave me after more than made up for it. Sex, when you’re completely at the mercy of your partner, is intensely thrilling. In fact, so very thrilling I think I really need to come up with another excuse to be punished. I’m sure I can be really naughty if I think about it for long enough.

I know Mr Grey will feature in many a woman’s sexual fantasies in the coming months, including my own but you know, I have the real thing with my very own wickedly sexy and well-dressed gentleman, Mr Divine.

Now, that reminds me, where did I put that flogger?

Hope you enjoy the film.

Love Jo x