New Year, More Sex

New Year, More Sex

Christmas was fun in the Divine house but now January has arrived it’s time to get back on the health horse and look after myself once more.

It’s good to indulge over Christmas but you can’t eat rich cheeses and chocolate washed down with wine forever, you know. I’m always ready for a change once New Year arrives. I mean, indulgence is a good thing, I’m all for it but I’ve found you need balance to have a happy life.

I don’t go for those stupid diets any more. Back in the day I fell for a few of them, including the delightful grapefruit diet but I’ll be happy if I never see another grapefruit in my life again. The thought of eating one makes me shudder!

At the start of the year I just add in more veg, cut back on the wine –I’m doing that Dryathalon thing, cleansing my liver and giving money to Cancer research as well as getting up off my bum and exercising.

Dancing about like a loon is my second favourite activity, sex is my first, of course. In both, the end result is me flopped somewhere red faced, achy but very, very satisfied!

When I can’t get Mr D to play with me I give myself a thorough working out on my own.

You know I’ve got a fun selection of sex toys, diary but did you know I also have a selection of lubes too. I tend to use one of my water based ones as it can be used with all my toys.

I have Silicone and oil based lubes too, for different things. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

The oil one, YES organic oil based lubricant is particularly good for any anal goings on and I can use the silicone based one in the shower!

Some people are a bit sniffy about lube. I don’t know why as it makes sex feel amazing. I don’t always need it but there’s times when everyone needs just a little added slip and slide.

If I were rich enough (and that brazen) I’d give everyone I know a bottle of lube as a Christmas present. The gift of slippery sex for the new year makes me smile! It would revolutionise people’s sex lives be they in a couple or on their own.

And while I’m dreaming of the impossible I’d add a sex toy in there too. Maybe something like the Lelo Ida is great to use as a couple or on your own and with a remote so you can take play away from the bedroom.

Sex is part of that healthy balance I was talking about, I’m convinced of that. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away and keeps a smile on your face. After the excitement and go, go, go of Christmas, we all need a pick me up at this time of year and let’s face it, January is a grey, dull let down of a month.

I think orgasms should be a regular part of any health kick and more fun than eating lots of veg so I’m going to go and top up my orgasm count now diary. But why limit myself to one orgasm a day? I’m going to aim for a hat trick of them today!

Happy New Year x