New Beginnings

New Beginnings

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Although nothing physical happened between us, my meeting with Sophia played heavily on my mind. Like a shaken bottle of champagne, my yearning was bubbling beneath the cork, ready to burst.

Here, there was something new, something unexplored, and something that I could no longer ignore. I needed to tell my husband about Sophia, but wanted to do so away from our home, not yet wanting my two worlds to collide.

I must say, we did look the part as we entered the new wine bar in town; I wore a rather figure hugging plum-coloured cocktail dress and Mr Divine adorned a simple black suit, but my God! A man in a good suit screams iconic sexuality.

I found the setting comforting in a way, as I considered those stolen glances I had shared with Sophia, her plump lips resembling the forbidden fruit I so wished to taste.

We took a window seat so we could look out onto the river, and Mr Divine went to the bar to order a bottle.

As he waited to be served, I noticed that my gorgeous husband had caught the eye of a group of younger ladies nearby. One of the braver girls then flipped her hair and decided to approach, only he turned, either ignoring or not registering her on his radar, returning to me.

I can’t say she gave me the nicest of looks when my husband rejoined me at our table, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Mr Divine asked.

“I think that poor girl wants to scratch my eyes out.”

“Yes, bit too young for me.” He said, pouring our drinks.

“Were you not even a little bit tempted?” I teased, hoped in a way, as if this would soften the blow of my confession.

“I prefer a more mature companion.” He smiled, playfully sliding his fingers towards mine. I took a sip of the deep red wine and paused.

“So… you wouldn’t want to share me?” I asked.

“As tempting as that sounds, it’s a rather bold fantasy.” Mr Divine half-laughed, although his brow was beginning to cloud with a sense of unease.

“So you’ve never been tempted to… explore?” I was aware that I was becoming almost frantic now.

“What are you getting at?” Mr Divine asked, not crossly, but firmly.

Taking a deep breath, I said: “At the Italian weekend, I… I met someone.”

“Someone?” My husband said coldly.

“Nothing happened, I promise! But… But it could have.”

“Oh.” My husband said, clearly hurt. “Who is he?”

“She.” I said softly, looking at the table.

“She?” Mr Divine ventured. I felt the sudden ice between us thaw a little. “I had no idea…”

“Neither did I, until I met her. Sophia.”

“Sophia?” He said, taking a deep breath and leaning back in his chair, gulping down a rather large glug of wine. “And… just what nearly happened, that didn’t?”

“It was nothing, really. We almost kissed.” I said, avoiding his gaze like a schoolgirl admitting to her headmaster that she had cheated on a test.

After a short pause, Mr Divine put a firm hand on my knee and asked, “But nothing happened?”

“No! No, of course not.” I took in his face, gauging a reaction, wanting nothing more to kiss away the pain. “We’d been drinking and there was an atmosphere… we just got a bit carried away. And then I thought of you.”

“Thinking of me turned you off?” He said, feigning a stung ego with a cock of an eyebrow.

“You know what I mean! At least, I hope you do.” I sighed, placing my glass on the table and leaning in close. “I love you, I will always love you, but this… with Sophia… there is something.”

“Something.” He repeated, and I was grateful that his other hand remained on my knee. I was comforted even more so when it began to firmly manipulate its way up my inner thigh. “So, you want to… explore.” He said firmly, a nimble finger now stroking at my lingerie.

“I think so.” I whispered, my whole body tingling as a sudden heat rushed beneath the fabric between my legs. Tracing the lace in tantalising spirals, my chest rose and fell in undulating waves as I tried to control myself without gaining too much attention.

“I must admit,” My Divine said, tasting his own lip a little, “I can appreciate your… interest, shall we say, in the female form.” His fingers were now teasing under the fabric, the fire in his eyes sparking as he began to caress my wet, swelling bud.

“If you met her, Sophia, I think you would understand. She’s quite astounding…” I pulled my lips together, eyes widening as I was coaxed closer to the edge of ardent release.

“I would have to meet her.” He said, with an authoritative air, aware of his hold over me beneath his hypnotic gaze and touch.

“And I would only pursue things if you agreed.” I swallowed hard as he began to massage my clitoris between his fingers, as if they were listening to it throb.

Just as I felt myself teetering on the edge of climax, enraptured, my husband suddenly withdrew his hand and slowly traced his fingers back down the softness of my inner thigh.

Ravenous for more, I bit my lip and raised an eyebrow, a wordless plea that we leave the bar. Mr Divine flashed a wicked smile, and I felt my heart pound in my chest.

We quickly finished our wine, and on our way home, we took a detour through the park, taking advantage of the darkness.

He took me greedily against a tree, and I stifled a moan as he slid his pulsing manhood inside my eagerly anticipating wetness. I wrapped a leg around his back, urging him deeper inside of me, every thrust sending me further into a world of sheer ecstasy.

We came together in an explosive moment of bliss, a fitting end to the night that promised new beginnings.

Written By : Megan Barnett