Married Sex

Married Sex

I’m going to have a little gripe today, diary, because something is really getting on my nerves. Aren’t you just sick to death of the media’s portrayal of sex? It’s only for the young, the newly in love. Once you’ve been married for more than a few years that’s it. You’re not meant to find your partner sexually attractive any more and sex just shouldn’t float your boat. Pfft, nonsense!

It’s used as a cheap joke in comedy all the time, like Daisy in Keeping Up Appearances for example. That woman’s sex drive is used for cheap kicks and it really makes me grumpy. I’m not a spring chicken any more but I still have a very healthy sex drive, well, you know that Diary. Why is that portrayed in such horrid ways on the TV and in film?

If I were rich and artistically inclined I’d make a film all about happily married women and their sex drives. It’d be a triumph. Because sex is a very important part of a human’s wellbeing. That annoys me too, how we’re all so very prudish about it all. I certainly don’t want to be discussing my bedroom antics over the dinner table but why does it have to be such a taboo subject? It really shouldn’t be.

We all do it, solo or with a partner. It’s healthy to think about and engage in sexual activity. There needs to be more positivity around the whole issue. There, that’s my moment on the soap box over.

At least these days we’ve got access to the internet. I don’t think Mr Divine and I would have any of the sex toys we have if we’d had to go into a sex shop to buy them. I know they’re not all dark and dingy and male dominated any more but I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable walking into a shop to get something to erm, tickle my fancy. And maybe that’s because of the way I’m programmed by peers and the media and maybe one day I’ll challenge that. Maybe.

I have tried to go into one of those famous places that crop up on many high streets but you know, it didn’t cater for what I want. The world’s gone Fifty Shades of Grey mad and it was all a bit too samey for my liking. And don’t get me started on the lingerie… Mr Divine isn’t a fan of keeping me covered up anyway but who pays so much to wear so little?

For now I can go online, read reviews and pick up items to spice up my sex life at a click of a button. It’s empowering to have that just a button click away. I can look at things for as long as I like, I can really research an item before I buy it. I don’t get embarrassed, I can take my time over deciding what to buy and I’m free to go for something a bit different. I don’t think I could buy a flogger from a high street store! But online… well maybe that’ll be my next purchase!