Patience Is A Virtue...

Patience Is A Virtue...

March is a funny month – it’s not quite spring but it’s not completely winter. It’s a month of anticipation. I’ve put the really big, thick jumpers of winter away but I can’t quite bring out the summer dresses and skirts yet.

I can’t wait. I’m not a sun worshipper at all, my skin’s too pale for that but life is quite obviously brighter when the sun is shining. It lifts your spirits. And I love daffodils, they are such cute little flowers and they’re not in bloom yet and I can’t wait until they are.

Had you guessed that patience isn’t precisely a virtue I possess? Well, it’s not hard to work out, really. I’m just not very patient at all. I don’t bake bread because I hate waiting for the dough to prove, I’m terrible when I’m out shopping and I end up in a long queue. I huff and puff like a steam engine!
We got a swing when the kids were little and the cement had to be left to dry for 24 hours before they could use it. It was torture, I stopped them going on it for the required time – but even then it didn’t seem that the concrete was totally firm. Could I wait any longer? Nope. We ended up with a slightly less secure than it should be swing because I just couldn’t wait.

So when he can, Mr Divine likes to make me wait. Not that I manage it long before I’m begging. We got these great cuffs for Valentine’s Day in with the box set of LELO goodies. Sutra chainlink cuffs they’re called. Ours are in stunning red suede and silk connected with cool, metal chains. They’re really fun to play with but I don’t like it when my husband has his mean head on.

I think he does it on purpose when I’ve been particularly impatient with him in the recent past. As soon as we get some time to ourselves he gets out the cuffs and slaps them on me. It’s not the worst way to pass time and I’m never sure if he’s going to be mean or not. The cuffs come out for quickies too and that is quite thrilling. I like being tied up and used for my darling beloved’s pleasure.

But when items of my clothes are still on after 30 minutes like they were the other day I know he’s going to be mean. It’s not fair when he’s completely naked and showing off all that I want to have pressed against me and I can’t do anything to pull him closer. He’d tied my cuffs to the bed head with one of his ties so I was really immobilised.

And turned on, of course. I was a writhing mess of desire for what seemed like forever. Oh diary, I thought I was going to burst I was so turned on and he just wasn’t hitting the right spots if you know what I mean, but when he did, wowee did the sparks fly. Phew.

Maybe patience is a virtue but impatience is so much more fun!

Written By : Staff