Sweet Satysfaction

Sweet Satysfaction

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I am a firm believer in treating oneself every now and again, whether that means splurging on an expensive outfit or offering one’s aching muscles to the supple hands of a masseuse. With my recent encounter broadening my sexual horizons, I was intrigued by a new sex toy that claimed to stimulate the clitoris without even touching it.

Finding myself alone in the house was no longer such a rarity these days, meaning that on afternoons with nothing planned I was left to my own devices, purchased or otherwise…

I must admit that signing for a package that contains something a little naughty, unbeknownst to the Postie, always puts me in a cheeky mood. If only you knew, I think to myself as I sign my name with languid motions, if only you knew what happened behind these closed doors.

I popped my voracious little vacuum, aptly named the Satisfyer Pro 2, on charge and decided to run myself a bath while I waited for a truly indulgent afternoon. When it was ready, I slipped off my clothes and sank deep below the bubbles, immersing myself in the hot water.

Typically my mind would fall blank as I relaxed, but the recent events that had played out were proving difficult to ignore.

I wondered if Sophia thought of me like I did her; it wasn’t an all encompassing infatuation, but the memory of her lingered at the back of my mind as if she were my own shadow.

And now I had my husband’s blessing.

Blessing for what? I wondered, as I was yet to find the courage to give her a call. Her business card smouldered in my purse, and I was too shy to so much as look at it just yet. It was all so new, these feelings, this scenario. I felt like I had been transported back to my youth, my fifteen year old self sitting restlessly by the telephone waiting for a young suitor to call.

Despite the weeks that had passed, I could still picture Sophia in such vivid detail… or was I painting her in a more perfect light? Sometimes your memory can play tricks on you, but in this instance I was sure she was as beautiful in my memories as she had been when we had met.

Lying in the bath, a lazy hand manipulated my breast absent-mindedly, appreciating the voluptuous weight. I wondered how similar our bodies would feel, how they would look comparatively in the darkness as the candle light hit our naked flesh.

In my fantasies there was always candlelight, echoing our burning desires.

I was beginning to get a little carried away, so I decided to give my new little toy a try. I eased myself out of the water and tiptoed from to my bedside table where my latest indulgence was lying, and eagerly returned to the tub.

Easing myself in a comfortable position, I aligned the nozzle of the Satisfyer on my clitoris, and turned it on with anticipation.

Immediately my body writhed underneath the undulating sensations against my blossoming bud. They were nothing like I’d felt before, such total concentration of my entire clitoris: no part of me felt neglected, as even the most ardent of lovers can’t be in different places at the same time.

I turned up the speeds from one, to two, to three, relishing in how only the slightest change in intensity created such profound pleasure sensations against my delicate skin. My clitoris began to throb in unison with every undulation that emanated from the nozzle, so expertly crafted that it encompassed my swollen, now pulsing pearl.

It was a whole-body experience, all-consuming pleasure that made my thighs twitch and my back arch. Getting carried away with the sensations, I started to gently jerk the toy back and forth, then more slowly in concentric circles. All the while my clitoris was being ever so softly tugged and teased by the incredible waves that emanated from the tantalising toy.

My free hand flew to the side of my bathtub and I gripped on tightly as I was coaxed to the edge of my orgasm as it rippled through my entire being. I clenched my thighs and my stomach, my pelvis rising slightly as I came hard, the heated wetness gushing forth from my ignited core as a loud moan of intense pleasure escaped from my throat.

I lay still for a moment in the aftermath of my orgasm, the amorous machine undulating away between my legs until I slowly withdrew it.

I was breathless, confused almost, dizzy from the intensity of my climax. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, not with a toy, my husband or my own fingers.

I slipped out of the bath once more, wrapping a towel around my trembling flesh. I placed my new toy on the side of the sink, eager to share it with Mr Divine when he returned home.

I watched the water swirling down the plug, relishing in this exciting new juncture in my life, and I finally felt brave enough to do what I had fantasised about. If I could experience something so vibrantly different with a new toy, I couldn’t fathom the possibilities I could explore with a new playmate.

After I dried myself off, I dressed and headed downstairs, grabbing my purse out of my bag. I typed the number into my phone, stroking the edge of Sophia’s business card with a nervous finger. I was about to dial when I lost my nerve.

“Come on, Jo,” I muttered to myself. It was now or never.

As the dial tone sounded I bit my lip, my stomach knotting with apprehension.


“Hi,” I swallowed, feeling silly that I hadn’t planned what I wanted to say. “Hi, Sophia? It’s Jo, from the-”

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to call.” Her husky voice had a playful tone, and I relaxed instantly.

“I’ve been thinking, and… How about we get that drink?”