The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Ah, the joys of Valentine’s Day. When I was single I hated it. Waiting to see if I’d get any cards and then if I did get any trying to work out who they were from. I know it’s tradition and all to sign them with ‘Secret Admirer’ or even just a single question mark but bloody hell that was really annoying. I still don’t know who wrote three of them and if I think about it too long I get frustrated and want to start ringing all my school friends to ask them about it again. So I don’t think about them. Well I am now…

Anyway, let’s move on to Valentine’s as part of a couple. I’ve had some awfully disappointing gifts. More heart shaped chocolates and bears holding hearts than you could ever imagine. I mean, I never said anything nasty about them, it’s good to get any kind of gift but gifts are much better when some thought’s put into it.

Unlike the 3 floral, ladies handkerchiefs I got off a guy when I was nineteen. They even had an embroidered initial on them… and it wasn’t mine! It was a relief to meet Mr Divine to be honest. He’s good with gifts. Meals out, flowers, jewellery… I’d had them all, but nothing compared to the thoughtful presents I’ve got from my other half. On our first Valentine’s Day he got me a Care Bear. I know, it sounds naff but I’d always wanted one as a kid and never got one. And he got my favourite, Funshine. I knew then he was a keeper.

Each year he gets me something awesome. A weekend away just the two of us, tickets to Phantom of the Opera, a home-made chocolate cake with our initials in the icing are just a few of the ones that spring to mind. It’s not about how much you spend, it’s what goes into it. He made me a jewellery box one year – it was meant to be for Valentine’s Day but it took so long that I didn’t get it until Christmas! But I treasure it. He put so much of himself into it… literally on some of the sewn bits apparently.

I sometimes feel inadequate in my gifts. I try to be thoughtful, buying him the video game he really wants or sitting through an evening of Fawlty Towers on the telly. Then there was that time I got tickets to watch this comedian he loves and I didn’t laugh once all night. But I smiled a lot because he couldn’t stop laughing.

I don’t think I’m as inventive as he is at all. But this year we’re going to share our present, so there won’t be any surprises: well, not until after we open it. There’s a great couples kit by LELO called the Adore Me Pleasure Set. All the items inside are sexy, red and can be used to give us both pleasure. I’m really not sure if I’m looking forward to wearing the cuffs myself the most or getting them on Mr Divine!

Valentine’s Day this year won’t be a disappointment, it’s going to be a fun voyage of discovery for the both of us!

Written By : Staff