Slave to the rhythm

Slave to the rhythm

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I used to love dancing when I was younger, and I still do. Mr Divine and I frequently attended Salsa Classes and Spanish themed dance events before we had the kids, and it was invigorating. I loved the passion, the fun and the excitement; hips swinging, bodies clamped tightly together as they swayed in perfect harmony. Yes, Mr Divine and I enjoyed it very much, and the moves we learned in class often found a different function between the sheets.

I’m not really a musical person in the sense that I can’t play an instrument, but somehow I can always pick up a rhythm and shimmy with the beat whatever the tune maybe. I’m always dancing about the house when I’m on my own- the kids would think I was daft if they caught me.

Yesterday when I was doing the housework I was strutting my stuff- I do have hips designed to shake after all! I find it makes a dull task more enjoyable, and dusting isn’t exactly my idea of fun. I did all the downstairs and shimmied up the stairs to tackle my bedroom.

As I was finishing off the polishing, a little light caught my eye by my bedside table, indicating that my post-work treat was ready for me. The LELO Siri v2 had arrived in its lavish black box that morning and I was eager to give it a whirl, having heard that the pulse patterns were inspired by music genres. I was curious as to how they would feel dancing against my delicate skin.

I must admit that when I buy myself a naughty treat pleasure sparks within me when I know I’m about to use it! Caressing the tantalisingly soft silicone, I ran my thumb across the subtle tapered nose and the raised bump, excited by how this would feel against my clitoris.

Resting it gently in the palm of my hand, I turned it on to get used to the pulse patterns. A delicious rumbling filled my ears and I was pleasantly shocked at how powerful the vibrations were even on the lowest level. It was clear that this was a toy designed for pure pleasure!

I ran through the settings, absent-mindedly shimmying my shoulders along with the beats. There seemed to be a mambo, a cha-cha, my beloved salsa, and the last setting was really rock and roll! I was getting quite turned on imagining these pulses against my blossoming bud as I switched it off to get comfortable.

I unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them off, plumping the pillows a little before settling on the bed. I shuffled into a comfy position and nestled my new toy next to my already swelling clitoris and turned it on again.

The deep rumble from the toy felt like the epitome of satisfaction, like that first sip of wine after a long day or the first bite of a good meal: I felt like I had waited for this and finally I was getting my fix.

I slowly swirled the tapered tip around my wet clitoris and my leg stiffened, buttocks clenched as I luxuriated in the vibrations. The rounded silicone against my increasingly sensitive skin sent waves of pleasure right to my core, but the constant vibes just weren’t enough. I wanted to be teased, wooed and romanced!

The deep, rumbling vibrations began to dance on my clitoris and they hit me deep within when I changed the setting. My buttocks clenched again, my feet pressing together hard as my body contorted with pleasure.

I felt the spark of orgasmic bliss ignite within me, but I wanted to wait, to relish in a gorgeous climax that was as powerful as my new toy.

I skipped to another pulse setting, this time a cha-cha. I could picture Mr Divine in his smart shirt and trousers, his buttocks tight as he flaunted his hips, tantalising me with his entire being as we had followed the vibrant rhythm of the salsa music all those years ago.

My free hand found itself gripping at the fabric of my t-shirt, my chest rising as I deeply inhaled; the pulses against my clitoris were sending waves of sheer ecstasy through to my very core.

I slipped the toy lower, taking some of my wetness and returning it to my now incredibly sensitive skin. I could feel my orgasm slowly building upon itself. I arched my back, running my fingers through my hair as my other hand deftly twirled the pulsating toy across my clitoris as it throbbed with pleasure.

Feeling close to the brink, I decided to crank up the volume! Quickly skipping through the remaining few pulse patterns, I arrived at the eighth setting, which I was sure would take me to orgasmic bliss.

There was a big, and I mean big, vibration followed by a succession of small, lower ones that teased me, coaxing me towards the brink of ecstasy. My body moved in harmony with the rumbles and I was squirming with delight.

The fire of my core was burning brightly, and I gave in to the delicious thrills. Submitting to the rhythm, I groaned with pleasure as a powerful orgasm hit me. I shuddered with delight as it came from deep within me, and I felt a heated wetness between my legs.

My back arched with bliss as I climaxed, time seeming to slow down as my mouth hung open as I tumbled into the rapture I had been craving.

I stopped the buzzing toy and lay panting, my hand at my warm face as I collected myself. I was almost embarrassed at my sounds with no audience to hear them, but I couldn’t help it- I had been lost in the moments of pure orgasmic delight!

I looked at my little toy and smiled. I’m sure Mr Divine would want to reminisce about our salsa sessions; perhaps next time we catch dancing fever I’ll introduce him to my new instructor.