Trick or treat

Trick or treat

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I love this time of year- the darker nights exude wicked connotations in the candle light, complete with indulgent treats.

We used to go all out at Halloween when the kids were younger. We’d throw a big costume party for them and their friends, elaborately decorating the house to create our own little horror show. In hindsight, I think Mr Divine and I had more fun dressing up than the children did!

Now they’re older, Halloween isn’t much of a big deal anymore. They’d rather go round their mates’ houses to watch horror films than bob for apples, leaving Mr Divine and I to our own devices.

I do find it hard to play nice when we can take advantage of the time alone to be naughty!
Dressing up remains a Halloween tradition between Mr Divine and me, only now we put a different spin on things. The ghouls and witches have taken somewhat of a backseat, but the wickedness remains!

Mr Divine had promised me a surprise this year, so in turn I decided to return the favour. I’m a sucker for good lingerie, which I always deem to be a suitable gift for the both of us; this year I purchased a rather sexy corset in black and red lace, with matching sheer French knickers and a delicate mask to add that little pinch of naughtiness.

When the kids had left, I got to work. I drew the living room curtains, turned on the fire and lit some scented candles before donning my little costume. I had only just slicked on some dark lippie and settled on the sofa when Mr Divine’s keys rattled in the front door.

“Trick or treat?” I said softly as he entered.

“Oh, this is definitely a treat, my love.” He smiled, slinging his coat on the armchair before joining me on the sofa with a cat-like prowl, his hand firmly at my waist as his mouth eagerly met mine. Our legs entwined as he leaned over me, the dominant male hungry for his next meal. His hand caressed the cool skin of my buttocks and thigh, the contrast notable due to the heat that had ignited in my core.

My kisses became greedy; I, too, was hungry for him, feeling the weight of his body against mine. Oh how I wanted him then and there!

Grappling at his tie, my fingers began to loosen the material and found their way at the buttons of his shirt, my need for him growing even more.

“Wait,” he pulled away, panting. “What about my surprise?”

“Can’t it wait?” I asked through heavy breath.

“I think it will be worth it.” He said, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Reluctantly I conceded, and Mr Divine pulled himself from me and took my hand, leading me up the stairs.

“Get on the bed.” Mr Divine instructed; taken aback, I was unsure at first, but then it hit me that this was part of the surprise- he is so rarely direct with me that I bit my lip and did as I was told.

He rummaged at the top of the wardrobe until he came across what he was looking for- a box I’d never seen before.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well,” he said slowly, taking off the lid. He plucked an obscure looking duster from the box and inspected it closely. “I wasn’t sure if this year you would want a trick,” he slapped the flat end of the duster firmly on the palm of his hand with a satisfying thwack, “or a treat.” He smiled, joining me on the bed. He teased the feathered end on the toy along my inner thigh, sending shivers through me.

Pushing me against the pillows, Mr Divine slowly drew the tantalising feathers across my breasts as he leant down, kissing my delicate skin through my lacy knickers. His kisses became increasingly fervent in response to my groans and shudders of delight.

I writhed on the bed, the light tickles from the feathers against the delicate lace of my corset sending sensations I had never even dreamed of through my body, his lips and tongue at the sheer fabric between my legs tipping me into rapture.

I gasped and clawed at the duvet as I erupted in orgasmic bliss. My hunger for Mr Divine had turned into something of a starvation, and I begged for him.

“Turn over.” He said, his panting almost matching mine. I complied, and with my face away from his I could hear him slipping off his trousers and feel him kneeling on the bed. With one swift motion, he swept my underwear from my skin, down to my thighs, and after a final intimate kiss, he teased his throbbing member inside of me.

There was no containing my groans of sheer ecstasy; as he thrust his engorged penis within me, I was lost in a world of pleasure. The heat deep in my core was spreading faster and faster, out of my control.

Just when I thought that I had met the brink, I simultaneously felt and heard a sharp “Thwack!” against my buttocks! I turned a little, and over my shoulder, I saw that Mr Divine had flipped the Tickler, treating me to the satisfying sting of the flogger.

He met my eyes, as if to ask, “More?” and I nodded. Yes, yes I wanted more! Each spank sent me closer to the edge, the final spank sending me to pleasure heaven as Mr Divine filled me with complete pleasure.

After a final few fervent thrusts, Mr Divine and I panted in the heat of the aftermath of our lovemaking.

He slowly withdrew himself from me, knowing that that would drive me wild, and we lay side by side, breathless in our orgasmic haze.

“So,” Mr Divine said once he’d caught his breath, “which did you prefer- trick or treat?”

“Darling,” I smiled, “I’m not sure if I could tell them apart.”