Two Worlds Collide - Part One

Two Worlds Collide - Part One

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I sat at the kitchen table with a Kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering in my stomach. My eyes kept darting to the clock, willing time to go faster.

My body tingled with a fuzzy warmth as my conversation with Sophia properly soaked in, not quite believing it to be true. I needed to tell someone or else I feared I’d dreamt the whole thing – it didn’t feel real.

When I had proposed a drink, I could sense Sophia smiling through the phone. “A drink?” She had purred. “Is that all I’m allowed?”

“I think that you should meet my husband before we… proceed?” I winced as soon as the word fell from my lips; this wasn’t a business exchange for goodness sake, but thankfully Sophia laughed light-heartedly.

“I understand your nerves, darling.”


“Yes…I’ve played with couples, but never…” she paused, and a sense of dread cast itself heavily on my shoulders.

“Never what?” my small voice ventured.

She took an audible breath before answering. “I’ve never felt a connection like this before. Is that too forward? I hate playing games; I want to be honest.”

“I’ve never felt so assured in my life.” I laughed as my doubts melted away.

“I’m glad you feel the same.” Sophia said, in charmingly coy way. “I would so like to meet the man that ensnared your heart before I got the chance. You’re a fascinating creature, Mrs Divine; I can only assume your husband is equally as enthralling.”

We decided to meet for coffee, agreeing that a sober environment was best for this situation as we didn’t want things to escalate too quickly.

So now I waited for Mr Divine to come home, to agree to join us; despite his blessing I was nervous that he may have changed his mind.

How wrong I could have been.

“Everything alright?” He asked when he walked in, truly concerned. I suddenly felt awful for what I was about to suggest.

“Sophia…” I managed.

“Ahh, Sophia. Sophia.” He chuckled, loosening his tie. “And how is Sophia?”

“She’d like to meet you. Us. She’d like to meet up with us.” I bit my bottom lip, my stomach tying in knots I feared would never unravel.

“I’d like to meet her, too.” Mr Divine said after an agonising pause. “I’d like to put a face to the name… picturing you with another woman isn’t as exciting when she’s simply a blurry figment of my imagination.”

We’d arrived at the cafe first, finding ourselves a sheltered booth where we could enjoy a little more privacy. We sat side by side, holding each other’s hands tightly. If Mr Divine was nervous, he wasn’t letting on.

It wasn’t unlike introducing your new partner to your friends or family, although the nerves were exemplified. Darling, this is the woman that I’d quite like to experiment with. Do you approve? I shuddered with anxiousness.

The door gently swung open and my jitters quickly disappeared as my breath was taken away. The sunlight framed Sophia perfectly as she entered, radiant as ever in a blue dress that flattered her curves, displaying her shapely, equine legs.

My husband sensed the change in my body language and looked to the door. “Is that her?” He asked in a whisper of awe, to which I simply nodded.

After casting her gaze around, Sophia’s eyes finally met mine and lit up, her mouth turning into that unforgettable smile, and I felt like the only person in the room as she approached.

“Jo! Every bit as lovely as I remembered!” Sophia gushed as I stood up. She held me close as we embraced, so close in fact that I was worried she would be able to feel the fast beat of my heart.

“Sophia, this is my husband.” I said when we finally broke away from one another, and I felt a strange sense of pride when Sophia’s eyebrow raised with appreciation for Mr Divine’s handsomeness as he stood to shake her hand.

“My my, my imagination does you an injustice.” Sophia purred as she took my husband’s hand and planted her plump lips on the back of it. Mr Divine blushed like a schoolboy and offered to get us some drinks.

Sophia and I sat opposite each other, and she snaked her hands across the table to meet mine, her fingers sumptuously soft against my own, making the back of my neck tingle.

“I’m so glad you called.” She said quietly. Her head was slightly lowered, indicating that she too was nervous, but God did she look sexy like that! My eyes fell to her plump lips and something began to tingle between my legs…

Then I remembered where we were and I checked myself, squeezing her hands and meeting her shining eyes again. “I’m glad too.”

Mr Divine returned with our coffees, and Sophia and I untangled our fingers, and I’m sure she shared the same remorse that I felt. It was almost an injustice to have such a beauty so close away and yet not be able to hold her, to feel her skin beneath my touch…

I had to check myself again, my imagination running away with me.

Mr Divine sat down and divvied out our drinks, before clearing his throat.

“So… pleasure to meet you at last, Sophia.”

“The pleasure’s all mine.” She purred, passing me a languid gaze from heavy eyelids. “Now, shall we talk?”