What do men really want in bed?

What do men really want in bed?

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Many men are shy in disclosing what they really want in bed, perhaps because they do not feel comfortable with discussing what turns them on, are worried about hurting their partner’s feelings or offending them with their request.

The nice people at We-Vibe conducted research amongst their customers (500 men and women aged 25-55 years) which raised some surprising results. This is what they found out about what men really want in bed…

Men want more fun

According to the research by We-Vibe, a huge 67% of men would like to have more fun in their relationships. As we all know, our sex lives can become boring and need regular spicing up to make it more pleasurable.

Just having sex in the bedroom can be a bit boring so try other rooms, like the bathroom. Have a romantic bubble bath or steamy shower, soaping each other with perfumed soaps or oils. Turn up the heat in the kitchen by having fun on the work surface. Just remember to clean it afterwards! Raid the fridge and cupboards for sensual foods like whipped cream, champagne or honey to drizzle over each other, tease each other with tiny morsels of dark chocolate or succulent strawberries. Turn off the TV when in the sitting room and get cosy on the sofa or pop in a naughty DVD to get you in the mood.

They also want guidance on what feels pleasurable to you and to show what they enjoy too.

Men are too nervous to experiment

The survey revealed that 26% of men are too nervous to experiment so why not raise the subject yourself. You could try dressing up in sexy lingerie or using light bondage. Greet your partner at the door clad only in naughty knickers or wear silky stockings under your skirt so they can run their hands over your thighs and find a treat in store.

Tying your partner up or blindfolding them can be fun and rather wicked. Make them beg for your touch or tantalise them with feather-like caresses to make them throb with desire. Bring out your inner dominatrix and take control of your partner, you never know, you might like it and they will love it!

More men like sex toys than you think

When asked about sex toys, 38% have tried or discussed using sex toys. Using a sex toy during sex can spice things up and lead to more satisfying orgasms. Watching your partner using a vibrator can be extremely arousing. Using a sex toy on your partner can help you to understand what they like and don’t like so you can learn where to touch them to produce the most intensely sexy sensations.

Choosing the right sex toy is important and bigger is not always best. There are many couples’ toys that offer sexual stimulation to both people during sex or try a vibrating cock ring which makes erections bigger and sends strong knee-quivering vibrations through the clitoris at the same time. Some couples’ toys are remote controlled, so you can have some fun being in control of your partner’s sexual pleasure while you quietly sit there pressing all the buttons! Regular use of sex toys has been shown to increase sexual experience and satisfaction rather than being a threat to a relationship.

Men like lube too

There is a myth that men think women should be wet during sex without stimulation, but the use of contraception, menstrual cycles, pregnancy and hormonal changes can impact upon our vaginal juices, making the vagina feel dry and uncomfortable during sex. 20% of the men surveyed said they incorporated both lubricants and massage oils into their sex play because it increased the sexual pleasure for themselves and their partner. Using massage and lubricants during foreplay can really turn the heat up and increase sexual arousal.

Use it or lose it – men like regular sex

When asked, 47% of men said that having regular sex was important to a serious relationship, a similar percentage to women (46%). Having a healthy sex life is essential for a healthy relationship and can improve not just your sexual health and well being but your overall health and happiness.