Quickie Sex

Quickie Sex

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Marathon sex sessions can be satisfying but completely exhausting and not always possible on a regular basis, whereas quickie sex can be.

There is something explicitly exciting about having a secret quickie before making it into work or getting to that important meeting on time.

Follow some of the advice below to make your quickie sex even more steamy and satisfying.

1. Preparation

This may seem contradictory as quickie sex is often done on the spur of the moment but when you are planning a quickie session, you can get yourself in the mood by using your hand or vibrator or reading a steamy chapter of an erotic novel. Being wet is key to having a quickie: the wetter, the more intense your pleasure will be, so take a few moments to give your lovely clitoris some stimulation before the main event!

Both of you can sext each other whilst you are still at work, describing what you are planning to do when you get home or wherever you are meeting. Send a naughty picture of your cleavage or your lips coated in sexy red lipstick.

2. Undress beforehand

Going commando will drive your man wild. Let him know in advance or just casually mention it during the conversation over dinner or on the phone. Wear a skirt or dress so he can just slide his hands up your thighs to reach your juicy goods. Men can go bare too as long as they wear button flies, not zippers – you don’t want to injure yourself!

3. Find the right place

Quickie sex is well suited to unusual places: by virtue of the fact you won’t be spending very long there, so try the desk in your home office, kitchen table, hood of your car in the garage, bathroom at a friend’s house or in the spare bedroom.

What are the benefits of quickie sex?

It makes you laugh

Having quickie sex is naughty and will make you giggle. After all, putting on a DVD for the children to watch while you both sneak upstairs, knowing you only have a limited amount of time can feel elicit. You can go downstairs afterwards and pretend nothing has happened but still share secret cheeky smiles with each other.

You see how much he wants you

If you feel unattractive or insecure about your body, having a quickie might be the cure. Many men will go to great lengths to make themselves last during lovemaking because they want you to enjoy yourself too but telling him to be as quick as possible because the children will be home or the DVD will be ending soon, you’ll see how much he does love and desire you too. This can be a great ego boost since we all need to feel desired.

Boost your libido

Having an early morning quickie will satisfy him, but stoke your sexual fires to smoulder throughout the day so you are raring to go by the evening and you might surprise him with your sexual desire and demands.

Variety is the spice of life

It is always good to do something different. Varying your sexual routine shows that you care about your relationship and you want to keep it fun. It can also kick start your sexual relationship which may be stuck in a rut.

Stress relief

Quickie sex can help reduce your stress levels. Often men can find sex stressful because they focus on bringing pleasure to their partner rather than letting go and women tend to concentrate on having an orgasm instead of going with the flow and enjoying the whole experience. Having quickie sex means we just concentrate on the moment, relax and enjoy it.

So how does a quickie best work?

Grab 5 minutes today

Any 5 minutes will do. Before work can help with a stressful day, right when you get home or before you go out to dinner or to the cinema or while your dinner is cooking in the oven. Let it simmer in the oven or on the hob while you get steamy hot with your partner.

Great lube

Have a good lubricant to hand or lube yourself beforehand to increase your pleasure.

Go with the flow

Don’t worry about it, just follow your instinctual needs and enjoy it. It will make you feel better, closer together and desired.

Whatever you do, try to include quickie sex into your life more often. You’ll find that it’ll make you laugh more, relieve your stress, improve your relationship and help improve your sexual response at other times. Remember, you’ll be having more sex which is always good for you!