Sex Toys and Relationships

Sex Toys and Relationships

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For some people, sex toys are to be used privately as a masturbatory aid. However, sex toys can actually enhance your sex life in many ways that you may have not considered. While some find the initial purchase of a sex toy difficult, many feel that bringing up using a sex toy either on their own or with a partner can be quite a big step.

There are many pros to using sex toys in a relationship as they are designed to enhance pleasure, bringing new sensations to your physical intimacy.

Getting to know your own needs

While it’s more than likely that you were already having sex before you used a sex toy for the first time, toys can help you understand your own personal needs better. Through exploring your own body in different ways, it might make it easier for you to tell your partner what you need to feel satisfied.

IF you struggle to orgasm through penetrative sex and many women do, using a small vibrator on your clitoris can help or incorporate using a sex toy during foreplay so you enjoy your orgasm beforehand and don’t have to worry about having an orgasm duirng sexual intercourse.

Some women are completely put off by the idea of masturbating with their own fingers, but owning a sex toy is a great way to fulfil your needs and feel more comfortable with your own intimate areas.

Some men or women may feel that their partner using a sex toy means that they are not being satisfied sexually. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sex toys offer alternative ways of sexual sensation and pleasure to enhance sex play.

However, some women purchase vibrators due to medical reasons, such as Vaginismus (vaginal tightness). Through using toys in different ways – such as using an internal product externally – a woman is more likely to become more intune with her body, likes, and dislikes during the healing process.

Once you begin experimenting with sex toys, make your partner feel more included by incorporating them into your sex life. Clitoral vibrators such as the JeJoue Mimi Soft are fantastic for couples’ play, as they can be used on the clitoris during intercourse and as a stimulator around the base of the penis and testicles.

Sex toys are like accessories!

Life can often get hectic, but just because there’s not enough time to have sex doesn’t mean you don’t still have needs. Sometimes it may feel like you don’t have enough time to have sex and a quick fumble isn’t enough. However, sex toys are not a replacement for a partner; they are beautifully crafted to enhance your pleasure!

Moreover, using a sex toy is a completely different experience to having sex. The ultimate goal of using a sex toy is ending in climax; there is quite a heavy focus on feeling good and having an orgasm, or at least having a sense of arousal. Sex, meanwhile, is far more emotive, whatever you perceive it to be. Being intimate will help you bond, and the focus is shifted from solely achieving orgasm to exploring each other and giving and receiving pleasure.

While many single people do buy and enjoy sex toys, being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t use them too!

Men can get in on the action too

Sex toys are not just for women! If a woman has a positive response from her sex toys, sometimes this encourages her partner to try out some toys too.

There is a great variety of sex toys made specifically for men available that not only feel great but also promote better sexual health. The Pulse Solo Essential can be used when the penis is flaccid, for instance, so is ideal for men with ED.

While some men feel uncomfortable on the topic, prostate massage is actually a great way to fight against prostate cancer. Massagers such as the Rocks-Off Index are powerful and pleasurable toys designed for pure P-Spot pleasure!

Non-vibrating products are also great for masturbation and foreplay. Fleshlight male masturbators offer varying textures for new stimulation sensations.

Sex toys you can both enjoy

Let’s not forget that there are great couples’ sex toys on the market! Using a toy that both of you can get stimulation from might make you feel more comfortable with your partner using a sex toy on their own, as you’ll be able to see that sex toys are sexual enhancements, not replacements.

The Pulse III Duo is ideal for couples unable to enjoy penetrative sex but want to remain intimate as the tip of this male vibrator vibrates, offering clitoral stimulation too.

Cock rings, such as the “ Je Joue Mio, are designed to enhance a man’s erection while stimulating the clitoris simultaneously so you can share the vibrations together! If you prefer a non- vibrating constriction ring, there are plenty to chose from.

When experimenting with sex toy play, communication is key. In order to have a truly satisfying sex life, both of you need to be open about your likes and dislikes, any fantasies you want to act out and so on. But most of all, both of you need to be having a good time!