What do men really think about women's bodies?

What do men really think about women's bodies?

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Whatever their age, women worry about their physical appearances. As we age, our bodies change through having children, weight gain, loss of elasticity and firmness, menopause and the ageing process. Women are much more critical of their bodies than men are and you will be surprised at what your man really thinks about the way you look.

Your size

Men have different tastes in women’s bodies. One man may like thin, skinny types, whereas another may prefer a more curvy, voluptuous figure. Many men are more attracted to a curvy woman rather than a thin woman. They would much prefer their woman to be healthy. This does not necessarily mean being slim but eating healthily and taking regular exercise. What size you are is only a fraction of the whole female package men like. Marilyn Monroe is considered one of the sexiest women in history and she had a gorgeous voluptuous figure.

There is no point making yourself miserable, and your man, by trying to be as thin as a popular celebrity. Many pictures of these celebrities are photo shopped and they really don’t look that flawless or small in real life. Many spend their time feeling really hungry and not enjoying life. Trying to make your body conform to a shape and size it can never become will make you unhappy.

Your hair

There is a myth that men prefer women with long straight hair. Most men notice a woman if she looks good, not whether she has straight or curly hair. From personal experience, they usually don’t notice if you have changed your hairstyle or colour, unless it is quite radical. They tend to notice your smile and eyes more than your hair. Wearing your hair in a style that suits you and you feel comfortable with will make you appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

Your boobs

Many women think men love enormous breasts, and some do. But your man loves your breasts. They may fantasise about women with bigger breasts but in reality, they are content with yours as they are the ones they get to see and caress.

Contrary to common myth, men are not keen on surgically enhanced breasts and prefer your natural ones. Women who are unhappy with their breasts should only change them if they want to do it for themselves and not for their man. There are risks to any surgical interventions and most men would not want their partner to expose themselves to those risks just for the sake of larger boobs.

Legs, bums and tums

These parts of our bodies are normally the ones we obsess about. Making these parts toned and slimmer is good for overall health but you can also disguise your wobbly bits with great support garments to lift, shape and mould them. Big ‘Bridget Jones’ knickers can cover a multitude of flaws that you think you may have! Use of supportive underwear can take inches off your figure and make your clothes fit better as well as give you confidence.

Your cellulite

“What cellulite?”, most men will say! They are happy enough to cuddle up to your naked body and will probably not even notice those bumpy bits on your thighs.

Your flaws

We tend to focus on the negative aspects of our bodies rather than celebrate the parts we actually like and look good. Men find it draining when you obsess about your lack of breasts, big tummy and wobbly bottom. They tend to notice your beautiful smile, sexy ‘come to bed’ eyes, pretty feet and sexy neck! Concentrate on the good parts of your body and become confident about the way you look.

Your style

Men are attracted to the whole package, not just your large boobs! The way in which you express confidence with your posture, clothing and make up, body language and conversation is all important. It is easy to get stuck in a rut with the way you look, especially if you lack confidence and self esteem, but you need to take care of your self to convey self care and self respect.

Update your wardrobe with figure hugging clothing, avoid baggy clothes – they actually make you look bigger. Find a style that suits you and that you feel comfortable in. Don’t feel you have to follow fashion: not every style suits everyone. Choose suitable colours for your skin and hair colour, avoid buying boring colours such as beige – it can make you look pale and ill. Dress simply to look elegant.

You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on clothes as many high street stores and supermarkets sell great clothes to suit all shapes and sizes. Creating your own style with elegance will make you stand out more and seem confident, even if you don’t always feel it.

Most men love you for who you are: their wife, partner, mother to the children that they created with you. All those wobbly bits represent the wonderful woman you are and the life you have made with your partner. Celebrate the way you look, take care of yourself by staying healthy and happy. This is what your man will notice. Becoming confident and loving your body will make you irresistible to your man, who loves you no matter how you look.