Where is the P-Spot?

Where is the P-Spot?

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The often elusive yet much discussed G-Spot is regularly debated by scientists, sexperts, sexologists and journalists in women’s magazines, but the male equivalent does not seem to receive its fair share of the limelight.

Commonly referred to as the “P-Spot”, prostate stimulation can induce intense orgasms, and can also help to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer as it is thought to clear the prostatic duct. This duct runs between the prostate, reproductive and urinary system, and so clearing it flushes away old cells and bacteria, which can build up over time.

Where can I find the P-Spot?

Just like the G-Spot, the P-Spot is located slightly differently from person to person, but typically it is found between 1 and 2 inches inside the anus. It is roughly the size of a walnut and is smooth to the touch.

When exploring your body to find the P-Spot, ensure that you take things slowly. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not a self-lubricating organ, and therefore you need to use a good lubricant such as YES But. This is a thick water based lubricant that is specifically designed for anal use, and is also condom compatible.

It’s really important to relax during anal play. You could perhaps start by massaging the perineum first and then work your way towards the anus with clean, lubricated fingers. The anus has a tendency to grip, so after the initial penetration with your fingers or a sex toy allow your body to get used to the sensations first, before slowly penetrating further inside.

Once you have found your prostate, experiment with different motions, such as circling your finger around it or gently stroking it. Once you’ve found what feels good for you, you may want to apply more pressure to the P-Spot for more intense pleasure sensations.

What sex toys are safe to use for P-Spot stimulation?

It’s important to ensure that a sex toy that is being used for anal penetration has a flared base, as otherwise it could get lost inside the body. Dildos with a flared base are also harness compatible, and so would be great for pegging.

If you are new to P-Spot stimulation, then it’s best to start off with a small sex toy, such as the Rocks Off O-Boy, which has a slim shaft for easy insertion. However, anal plugs, beads, vibrators and dildos are all suitable for anal play.

Make sure that you use skin safe products for anal sex play. Silicone, metal and glass are all skin safe, and it’s best to avoid rubber and jelly products as these are porous, making them harder to clean and therefore leaving you vulnerable to infections as bacteria is able to live on them.

As mentioned above, it’s important to use a lubricant for pleasurable P-Spot play. As well as lubricant specifically designed for anal use, silicone lubricant is a great choice as it has a thick consistency so a little goes a long way. Silicone lubricant is only compatible with glass and metal toys, however. If you’re using silicone sex toys, you may wish to opt for an oil based lubricant, although please note that these are not condom compatible.

Are there any hygiene issues to consider?

When stimulating the prostate manually, make sure you or your partner have washed your hands, and remember to do so afterwards too. You could also wear latex or nitrile gloves.

If you’re using sex toys, wash them thoroughly in the sink if it is safe to do so, i.e. if they are waterproof, or alternatively you can use antibacterial sprays Some people also prefer to put a condom over their sex toys, particularly dildos that are being used interchangeably for vaginal and anal use, to prevent bacteria from spreading.

If you are sharing your sex toys, ensure that you clean them thoroughly in between usage to reduce your risk of infection.