Enjoy Great Holiday Sex

Enjoy Great Holiday Sex

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The thought of spending time away from the office, work or the school run means that we all look forward to our holidays with great anticipation but having great sex on holiday can sometimes seem too much to ask for, even though being away from the normal humdrum routine of daily life means you should have more time to spend together and get intimate.

Before you go

Ensure that you pack your favourite lubricants. You do not want to get caught short when passion takes over. You can buy sexual lubricants in many countries but you may not know what they contain, especially if the external packaging is written in a foreign language. Many stories go around about people using inappropriate substances in place of lubricant leading to unpleasant and potentially harmful reactions to the delicate tissues of their genital area, thus ruining their sexual pleasure and leading to an embarrassing visit to the nearest emergency room!

Ensure that your lubricants are in a suitable bottle or container. If you are taking lube or toy cleaner, remember that you can only have containers up to 100ml in hand luggage. Anything larger will need to be packed in your main luggage.

Ensure you pack plenty of condoms too as you don’t want to bring back unwanted holiday souvenirs in the form of sexual transmit!

Make sure that you remove any batteries from sex toys before packing them to avoid having to unpack your suitcase at customs. Always pack batteries in your hand luggage where they are easily accessible and can be explained to the customs official. Many sex toys have a travel lock to ensure that they do not start buzzing in your luggage. If you are flying at all this summer, you need to ensure that your sex toy is charged before you travel following guidelines published by the Department of Transport in July 2014.

Some countries ban the use of sex toys so check before you travel to avoid breaching any laws. Sex toys are illegal in India, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as well as some American states. In some parts of Africa, Asia and some Caribbean Islands it is against the law to be gay or lesbian, so if you are discovered with a sex toy suitable for gay couples it may be a problem. Some of these countries also ban pornography, so be careful about what you pack.

If you do need to explain what is in your luggage, remember that the customs officials have seen it all before: bigger, better and definitely more shocking!

Forget the figure

Understandably, many women obsess over their figure when confronted with exposing their bodies on the beach wearing nothing but two small pieces of cloth, but if you haven’t managed to get the perfect bikini body, don’t waste any precious time worrying about it. Most men prefer a woman who is confident about her bulges rather than obsessing about her stretch marks. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! If not, there are many gorgeous kaftans and sarongs that you can buy to cover up and still look sexy on the beach or by the pool.

Get your accommodation right

If you have children and can afford it, get an interconnecting room for some privacy. Have some intimate time whilst they sleep in the next room. If you are alone, treat yourself to a luxury hotel or romantic retreat to spice up your sex life and put you in the mood.

Even when camping, you can still be intimate with each other. If you are with your children, shine a torch light on their face to see how deeply asleep they are. Many children will sleep through most noises. Be quiet, no rude talk and be prepared for interruptions. You children may not wake up but anyone walking pass your tent or camped nearby may hear you!

If you can, take grandparents along to babysit the children or ask older siblings to look after their younger siblings while you take a siesta. You may need to bribe them with money!

Holiday clubs, a great invention!

If possible, sign your children up for the holiday club and head straight back to bed or to the poolside or beach to catch up on sleep or the latest best seller. Better still, enjoy some fabulous sex, then relax on the beach reading your book with a very satisfied smile on your face.

Protect your assets

There is nothing worse than feeling sore and chafed in your intimate areas to put you off having sex so always change out of your wet swimwear and rinse your body free from sea water or chlorinated pool water before going for a walk or heading off for lunch. Be prepared and pack antifungal cream as sitting around in damp swimwear can also cause thrush for both sexes. Remember sand and seaweed can get into the most awkward of places which can cause irritation and even infection. This applies to both men and women.

Sex in the sea or pool

The idea of having sex in the pool or sea is really tempting, however you need to protect your sexual health and pleasure. In general public bodies of water are not clean places. Pools may contain chlorine but they also contain bacteria, the same goes for hot tubs too. Many water borne diseases and bugs live in lakes and the oceans too.

You may think that water is like lubrication but it washes away your natural lubrication, leaving you feeling dry, which in turn, can lead to microabrasions and irritation. Sea water can sting and chlorine can irritate the tissues of the vagina, even leading to thrush or bacterial vaginosis. Using a silicone based lubricant is a good idea in this watery environement as water based lubricants will just wash away and oil based lubricants can damage condoms.

Using a condom is recommended to prevent pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases but ensure you use lubricant as condoms can slip off, cause friction and become damaged without lubricant.

Foreplay is just as much fun!

If you are too self conscious to have full intercourse when your children are in the room, try foreplay. This is just as much fun and can be as fulfilling as sexual intercourse. Flirt with each other over dinner or lunch or on the beach without the children noticing to get you in the mood. If there is just the two of you, indulge in some heavy petting and touching on the way back to your hotel or apartment.

Take time to talk

Spend time talking and listening to each other while you are away. Getting to know your partner will enhance your sex life and bring you closer. Due to the busy nature of our lives we don’t have time to sit and talk with our partner but often such a conversation can be extremely enlightening and resolve any conflicts or niggles you may have been having. Communication is important to enjoying a good relationship.

Eat, drink and be sexy

Being on holiday means you can enjoy eating and drinking fabulous food and alcohol but if you are planning a night of passion, go easy on the wine and don’t reach for seconds when the dessert trolley comes past. You may end up sleeping away your carefully made plans for a night of hot sex or not rise up the challenge of sizzling sex if you are a man!

Boost your energy

While you are away, it is a great time to take some exercise like swimming, walking or dancing. You can’t expect to have all night long sex when you haven’t exercised all year. You need to build up some stamina to keep going. Doing exercise will also make you feel better and help keep off the extra pounds you may have eaten or drunk.


Being away from our normal routine means we can try out new things, including different sexual positions, a new sex toy or bondage to spice up your sex life or read some erotic fiction to get you in the mood and give you fresh ideas for jazzing up your sexual routine. We can lose our inhibitions when away on holiday so try to incorporate these changes when you get home to keep your sex life buzzing, if you know what we mean!

Whatever you do, enjoy your holiday. Even if you don’t manage to have much sex while you are away, make time to have more sex throughout the rest of the year!