How to use the Satisfyer

How to use the Satisfyer

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The Satisfyer is a very simple product to use – once you have got it in the right place you just keep it where it is and let it perform its magic.

But trying to use it as a conventional vibrator will not work, so we have created some simple instructions to help you enjoy the product.

It is not a vibrator!

This product is not a vibrator, it works using pulsating airwaves. It effectively very gently sucks and releases the clitoris. In use this has been better described as a gentle patting sensation – which provides very intense sexual stimulation.

Start low and build up

Do not assume you need to put the product straight onto maximum power for it to work – if you do it will feel more like a vibrator. Start at the lower levels and build up. Most people orgasm using levels around 4 to 6, but start at the first level and build up.

Find the Right Place and keep it there!

Unlike a vibrator, you need to find the right position for the Satisfyer and keep it there – rubbing it against your clitoris will not cause the stimulation and does not allow the seal to form around your clitoris which is essential for the product to work.

Use a lube – or have a bath

Applying some water based lubricant to the head of the Satisfyer will help create a good seal around your clitoris – using the product in the bath will have the same effect – and will create an even more intense pulsation.

Full instructions…

  1. Press the small button at the bottom for 2 seconds to turn the product on. The lowest level massage setting is activated.
  2. Spread your labia apart a little to free the clitoris.
  3. Ideally, apply a little water based lube to the head or use in the bath for even more intense sensations.
  4. Use some gentle pressure to place the head of the Satisfyer upon the clitoris, making sure the head of the clitoris is situated comfortably in the hollow opening on the Satisfyer head. Once you have found the correct position, you won’t need to move it again and it will go quiet!
  5. Control the vibration intensity using the large oval button. The + will increase the intensity level and the – will decrease it. There are 11 levels to choose from.
  6. Press the smaller button to turn the product off after use.