Unique Sex Toys That Offer More Than Just Vibrations

Unique Sex Toys That Offer More Than Just Vibrations

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When thinking about sex toys most people think about vibrators that buzz. However there are many more sex toys which offer an amazing range of sexual stimulation beyond the buzz!

As someone lucky enough to test lots of sex toys I just wanted to share a few of my favourites that perform above and beyond just vibrations to create spectacular sexual sensations and breathtaking orgasms.

Thrusting delights!

If you’re looking for internal stimulation but with hands-free capabilities, look no further than the Fun Factory Stronic collection. These stunning pulsators thrust all on their very own, mimicking the sensations of penetrative sex. These clever sex toys use magnets within the shaft to create these sensations, which offer deep stimulation.

The Stronic Real is part of the slimmer Stronic range with a realistic shape and thrusting motion. The Stronic Surf ripples massage hotspots along the front and back walls of the vagina, including the often-neglected perineal sponge, a section along the back wall that’s rich in nerve endings and the Stronic G is perfect for hands-free G-spot orgasms. If you do need a bit of a buzz, the Bi Stronic Fusion also has a vibrating clitoral arm to deliver a world of pure pleasure!

For more information on the Stronic range, check out these steamy positions to try with your portable love machine.

If you are looking for that unique sex toy, look no further than the products mentioned above, they all offer something regular vibrators don’t, breathtaking orgasms like no other.

Fluttering Pleasure

The gorgeously designed Je Joue range have been designed with a unique fluttering sensation on their lowest levels, creating a sexual sensation like no other I have ever felt.

The perfectly designed Mimi Soft is a cleverly shaped clitoral vibrator that sits snug in the palm of your hand. The skin soft silicone is smooth with a squidgy tip ideal for playing over your clitoris.

The fluttering vibration enabled me to edge twice before having a powerful clitoral orgasm leaving me breathless for a while afterwards. As someone who isn’t keen on pulsation patterns, Mimi Soft surprised me with its range of 5 speeds and 7 patterns which incorporated the fluttering sensation. Being 100% waterproof Mimi Soft is great for bathtime play and as it is rechargeable you won’t run out of juice.

The Je Joue Uma vibrator offers G-spot satisfaction which will take your breath away. Again incorporating the unique fluttering sensations that Je Joue are famous for, Uma is cleverly contoured to fit your feminine curves with a slightly bulbous tip perfect for precise application and ideal for both internal and external play.

Using the fluttering vibration level internally allowed me to enjoy a slow building g-spot orgasm which left my vagina throbbing. It took my breath away so badly I had to rest a while on the bed!

100% waterproof and rechargeable Uma is definitely a G-spot vibrator that does what it says on the box.

The Je Joue Mio is a superbly stretchy cock ring to accommodate for larger penis owners, or can be worn over both the penis and testicles to enhance the size and strength of an erection like never before. It has a wider, flatter motor that offers fuller stimulation across the clitoris and labia, and delivers wonderfully rumbling fluttering vibrations as described above. This is one of the most comfortable cock rings my partner and I have used together, and I loved the fluttering vibrations against my clitoris. An additional bonus is that it turns your partner’s penis into a vibrating penis, who could ask for more!

Flexible Bunny Fun

As someone who wasn’t a rabbit vibrator fan, I’ve always struggled with the position of the ears, either too long, too short, too rigid or just generally annoying and the fact that many have a rigid shaft but now I have discovered the gorgeously designed Enigma from Rocks Off and the beautifully flexible Ava by Jil.

Rocks Off have considered the natural contours of the human body in mind when designing this ergconomically shaped flexible Rabbit vibrator and the Ava has been designed with precision using new advanced silicone flex technology to create incredible softness and endless flexibility to adjust perfectly to the shape of your body.

Enigma has been designed with complete flexiblitiy to enable you to position it exactly where you want it and the ergonomically shaped handle sits perfectly balanced in your hand making it so easy and comfortable to hold and control.

The sensitive handle orientation allows pressure to be easily applied against the G-spot with a gentle downwards motion, allowing you to discover the ideal sexual stimulation just for you.

The slightly bulbous shaft creates such a pleasurable sensation of fullness while the deep rumbling vibration travel through your vagina, clitoris and even your bottom. It is a Rabbit that you can move or just leave in place to work its magic with dual motors in the shaft and clitoral arm.

100% waterproof, Enigma is perfect for bathtime pleasure.

Ava is completely flexible, so fits to almost any body shape. I love the thumb shape of the ear, which flexes and stays on your clitoris whilst the shaft is designed to offer a feeling of fullness which feels pleasurable due to the slight give in the silicone and incredible flexibility .

It was so easy and comfortable to use, not having to fiddle with getting it in the right position, something you often find with more rigid products was a bonus and the powerful dual motors sent sexual sensations right through my clitoris and vagina to my bottom which felt amazing.

Ava has a self sealing port making it perfect for use in the bath or shower and easy to clean.

Whichever rabbit you choose, both are incredibly flexible to fit almost any body shape with powerful vibrations to suit every need.

The Clitoral Stimulator like no other

As someone always on the lookout for sex toys with a difference the Satisfyer Pro 2 definitely fits the bill perfectly.

On first seeing this sex toy, I was rather confused as to how it worked, did it just suck your clitoris or did it vibrate? Described as a clitoral stimulator it looks nothing like any of the clitoral stimulators I’ve tried before so I was curious to see what it could do to my clitoris!

It is really light and easy to hold. The body of the toy is made from firm ABS plastic, making it phthalate free, nonporous, waterproof and body safe, always a plus for me, sex toys need to be skin safe and easy to clean.

The nozzle is detachable, made from skin safe silicone making it easy to clean and gentle on the delicate skin of your clitoris.

Having 11 levels of pulsations, which are actually pulsating airwaves rather than a sucking motion, they range from barely there to extremely strong. It definitely doesn’t vibrate.

The instructions advise you get a seal over your clitoris and when you do, you’ll notice the change in sound, it gets much quieter, indicating you have it in the right place.

It is definitely not sucking your clit, more caressing or gently patting it which is an amazing sensation!

It seemed to be a slow build up to my orgasm but in a way I had never felt before. Little tremors ran through my thighs from my vagina or that’s how it felt.

After relaxing and thoroughly enjoy all the amazing sensations running through my clitoris, I suddenly found myself having the most intense, prolonged orgasm I think I’ve ever had with a sex toy which seemed to go on and on, waves of pulsations coursing through my clit and my vagina. My thighs were going into overdrive, twitching too and I felt my whole body shuddering from my orgasm.

It slowly subsided but left me with pleasurable muscles contractions making me shudder but in a pleasing sexual way.

As a clitoral sex toy, “ Satisfyer Pro 2 is definitely not your run of the mill sex toy or a vibrator, it slowly caresses your clitoris in such a way to produce an orgasms like no other so I recommend you give this extremely unique clitoral stimulator a try, to experience a clitoral orgasm like never before!

CalExotics Mini Marvels Marvellous Lover

I love this unusual sex toy which does not even look like a sex toy, it looks like it should belong in the kitchen for baking! The Marvelous Lover is a gorgeous flexible double ended personal massager offering 10 powerful vibration, pulsation and escalation functions, certain to create mind blowing sexual sensations both internally and externally.

The uniquely shaped flat head with its clitoral bump covers the whole vulval area, in addition to direct clitoral pleasure stimulation whilst the smooth silicone handle is great for internal pleasure and for those who prefer a smaller internal vibe with incredible power.

The head of the Lover is great as it covers the whole vulva, something many clitoral stimulators do not do. Bending the head of the Lover to more than 90 degrees I was able to stimulate both my clitoris and vagina and it stayed in place, hands free! I found a pulse pattern I really liked, fast and slow vibrations that enabled me to edge towards my orgasm.

Lying there hands free with this gorgeous Lover inside me I enjoy an amazing blended orgasm which pulsated through my body in delicious waves of pleasure. So do not be deceived by its unusal design, Marvelous Lover will become one of your firm favourites as it has become one of mine.

As with all my sex toys I used my favourite sexual lubricant YES organic lubricants to increase my sexual pleasure even more.

Written By : Samantha Evans