Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators

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Rabbit vibrators have somewhat of an infamous reputation thanks to Sex and the City, and for many women they are a “go to” choice when buying a sex toy. However, the industry has made many technological advances since the days of the Rampant Rabbit, with many dual stimulators now having innovative designs and features.

How do rabbit vibrators work?

Rabbit vibrators deliver both internal and external stimulation making them the perfect sex toy to deliver blended orgasms, which is when a clitoral and G-Spot orgasm are achieved simultaneously. Rabbit vibrators get their name from the ear-like clitoral arm located near the base of the shaft.

The ears of a rabbit vibrator can vary in design; some really do have ear-like prongs that stimulate the sides of the clitoris, while others have are designed with a single arm that stimulates the clitoris and vulval area more fully, some being thumb shape in design.

The Fun Factory Miss Bi has a thumb-like arm that is designed to fit the curves of the body. There is also a subtle groove in the tip of the arm that comfortably engulfs the clitoris for added pleasure.

Many of our rabbit vibrators, such as Miss Bi, are designed with two motors, one located in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm. These can be controlled independently from one another allowing you to tailor the vibrations to suit your needs, important if you find clitoral stimulation becomes too intense.

There are some dual stimulators that only have one motor, such as the Rocks Off Bullet Bunny, and this is mainly because the silicone coating is actually a removable sleeve, making it a two in one vibrator.

The Calexotics Eden Bunny is a gorgeous silicone G-Spot Rabbit vibrator. The combination of the dual motors in the flexible curving shaft and cleverly shaped head allows precision stimulation of your G-Spot whilst the powerful flickering bunny ears will create waves of intensified clitoral pleasure.

The Fifi from Je Joue is also designed a little differently as it has a trio of motors, making it incredibly powerful as each ear has its own power source.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the controls prior to use as rabbits often have multiple buttons, however once you find the settings that work for you it will be clear as to why they are so popular!

While most rabbits are designed for G-Spot play, the Fun Factory Lady Bi is slightly longer for A-Spot stimulation, which is the area located just in front of the cervix.

Rocks-Off Regala is a beautifully designed flexible A-spot rabbit vibrator. Its sensory velvet touch, sophisticated lines and ergonomic dimensions have been skilfully crafted to drive you towards the ultimate A spot orgasm.

(The A-spot is located high up in the vagina near the cervix – you need a long shaft to locate it.)

The elegantly curved elongated shaft and precision tip enables Regala to glide effortlessly into position to arouse and stimulate your A-spot, located near to the cervix.

Rocks-Off Enigma has been designed with complete flexiblitiy to enable you to position it exactly where you want it and the ergonomically shaped handle sits perfectly balanced in your hand making it so easy and comfortable to hold and control. The sensitive handle orientation allows pressure to be easily applied against the G-spot with a gentle downwards motion, allowing you to discover the ideal sexual stimulation just for you.

The slightly bulbous shaft creates such a pleasurable sensation of fullness while the deep rumbling vibration travel through your vagina, clitoris and even your bottom. It is a Rabbit that you can move or just leave in place to work its magic with dual motors in the shaft and clitoral arm.

The Everygirl is a seductively beautiful and elegantly streamlined rabbit created to fulfil and delight every girls’ wants, needs and desires. Exquisite flexible design and velvet soft silicone encase the powerful dual independent motors driving precision blended vibrationsand pulsations to the shaft and clitoral arm.

Ava by Jil designed with precision using new advanced silicone flex technology, is completely flexible, so fits to almost any body shape. I love the thumb shape of the ear, which flexes and stays on your clitoris whilst the shaft is designed to offer a feeling of fullness which feels pleasurable due to the slight give in the silicone and incredible flexibility.

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit uniquely combines pressure wave clitoral stimulation with a traditional G-spot vibrator.

Using sound wave technology, the stimulator arm engulfs the clitoris and creates gentle pressure waves that gently suck and tease the clitoris with a choice of an eleven amazing intensities. The ergonomic, rounded flexible silicone shaft flares out gently to deliver full coverage stimulation to the G-Spot and provides vibrations in seven modes and three intensities.


Like other vibrators, rabbit vibrators are available in both battery operated and rechargeable styles. Make sure that you double check that your product is waterproof before using it in the bath or washing it to avoid damaging the toy.

Are rabbit vibrators just for solo play?

Rabbit vibrators are typically designed for women, but can be incorporated into sex play too. If penetrative sex cannot be achieved due to medical reasons, the visual thrills from seeing a female partner enjoying the vibrations of a rabbit vibrator can be captivating for her male partner, and so sexual enjoyment can be gained for both partners.

As they are designed with ears, rabbit vibrators are also suitable for anal use as the arm will prevent the product from getting lost inside the body. The arm could also be used for perineal stimulation for added pleasure. However, if you are using a rabbit vibrator for both vaginal and anal use, ensure that you clean the product thoroughly in between usage to prevent bacteria from spreading or use a condom on the vibrator.

Why should I buy a Rabbit Vibrator?

If you enjoy dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation, a rabbit vibrator is perfect for you. They are great sex toys for enjoying blended orgasms, which create a completely different sexual sensation to just a clitoral orgasm or vaginal orgasm. As many of our rabbits offer dual stimulation you do not have to worry about being overwhelmed with pleasure, you can alternate between the clitoral “ears” and the shaft to prolong your sexual play, allowing you to edge to an gorgeous orgasm.

As with all our sex toys, we recommend using YES organic lubricants