Sex Aids

Sex Aids

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Sex aids, sex toys, pleasure products, sexual devices, whatever you call them can all enhance your sexual intimacy and pleasure and can even help you overcome some sexual health issues too.

Sex aids are a great way to improve your sexual function, ability to orgasm and enjoy pleasurable sex, even when penetrative sex is not possible.

Coming in a wide range of designs and offering numerous sexual sensations, exploring what many sex toys can offer, will help you continue to enjoy sex by discovering new ways to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure, either for solo play or with a partner.

Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are an ideal way to enjoy clitoral orgasms, especially when 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm, and cannot orgasm through penetration alone. This makes clitoral stimulators great for solo play and couples’ play, as often clitoral stimulators are discreet enough to slip between you and your partner during sex.

All vibrators can be used for external play but some are designed specifically for clitoral stimulation.

Clitoral sex aids come in all shapes and sizes and the best place to start is with a bullet vibrator.

Bullet vibrators are a good first time product to try for solo pleasure and if your partner is a little reluctant to start experimenting with sex toys. Some men can find the idea of their partner using a large phallic toy to be intimidating, whereas a bullet vibe is small and inoffensive.

The Rocks- Off RO 90mm is a great bullet to start with, battery operated with a range of vibration speeds and pulsations patterns. Being waterproof it’s also fun in the bath or shower!

The gorgeous Rocks-Off Bamboo even looks just like a lipstick so perfect for slipping into your bag and no one will know what it is!

Pebble Vibrators are really discreet toys that don’t look sexual in any way, so if you were to accidentally leave it on your bedside table, no one would know what it was! The Je Joue Mimi Soft is a gorgeous example of Pebble Vibrators; it has an ergonomic design, sitting comfortably in your hand, and has a sumptuously squidgy tip that feels amazing against your delicate skin.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a true innovation in clitoral stimulation, using sound wave technology, to engulfs the clitoris and create gentle pressure waves that gently suck and tease the clitoris with a choice of an eleven amazing intensities.

Body Massagers

Body massagers, also known as wand massagers, are great for anyone including those with limited dexterity as their long handle allows for a longer reach. This means that you can quite easily massage your lower back or shoulder blades on your own. Wand massagers have a powerful, deep rumble to them, so they can be used intimately through clothing as thick as denim, or with a towel or sheet if direct contact with the genitals is too intense.

Easy to use, with deep rumbling vibrations to ease aching muscles and offer incredible sexual pleasure, the Doxy Massager is the most powerful mains operated massager in the world.

Oriel by Rocks-Off is a gorgeous rechargeable wand massager, light weight so ideal for those who experience limited manual dexterity.

If you prefer a battery operated product Rocks-Off Purple Heart is the body massager for you, Beautifully sensual, this vibrator is perfectly shaped for heart-pounding clitoral stimulation, and is powerful enough for all over body massage.

Internal sex aids

Sex aids designed for internal stimulation comes in a range of designs and functions from simple vibrators to dual motor sex toys, such as rabbit vibrators for clitoral and vaginal pleasure to pulsating products that thrust independently.

When choosing an internal sex aid, bigger is not always better, especially if you are a beginner. We always recommend choosing a slimmer product to begin with, as many people make the mistake that they need a much larger product which is often simply too big.

The Picobong Zizo is one of our most popular internal vibrator and one we recommend to all newcomers to sex toys.It is also recommended by many healthcare professionals to help vaginal tightness and vaginismus.

You need to decide what your sexual needs are, do you enjoy internal stimulation or perhaps dual stimulation of both your clitoris and vagina. Rabbit vibrators are the perfect sex toy to offer both, with many having independent motors so you can enjoy just internal stimulation, or external pleasure or a combination of both.

Pulsators, also known as thrusters, are incredibly innovative sex toys that thrust all on their own, making them great products for those with limited dexterity and movement as they can be used hands-free.

The secret is in the shaft: they may look like classic vibrators, but instead of using a motor, pulsators contain magnets that repel against each other, generating the thrusting motion. The Stronic range is fully waterproof and rechargeable, making them versatile and economical sex toys.

If you would prefer a non vibrating sex toy, dildos are a great choice. You can choose from silicone, glass or metal sex toys.

Male Sex Aids

Sex toys are not just for women, there are several great products that have been designed with male pleasure in mind from the Fleshlight to the Pulse by Hot Octopuss.

The internal sleeves of the Fleshlight masturbators create a realistic sexual sensation whilst the pulsation technology of the Pulse offers sexual stimulation beyond what you can experience during martubation or sexual itnercourse.

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit even doubles up as a sex aids to help premature ejaculation so if you find this is an issue, you can train yourself to prolong ejaculation with this product. The Pulse Solo Essential is great to use with both an erect and flaccid penis, offering exquisite pulsation stimulation throughout the penis and also help men who experience erectile dysfunction to enjoy an orgasm too.

Constriction rings are another great sex aid to helping you stay firmer and last longer, especially if you struggle with maintaining an erection or you are smaller in size.

Not a sex aid as such, the Bathmate Hydromax is an aid to better erectile function as it promotes blood flow into the erectile tissues and enhancing erections to make them feel firmer and last longer too.

Sex Aids for Couples

Using sex aids designed for couples play are a great way to enhance your pleasure and fun together.

Vibrating cock rings are designed for vibrate against the clitoris, offering both amazing clitoral stimulation, ideal for strong clitoral orgasms, and the fulfilling sensation of her partner’s firmer penis. The Je Joue Mio is a rechargeable cock ring that is easy to use and clean.

The Atom Plus is the world’s first cock ring designed with dual integrated motors, offering intense perineum stimulation combined with powerful vibrations on the top of the shaft of the penis.

The unique sensation that perineum stimulation provides during masturbation can lead to a heightened pleasurable experience resulting in a powerful orgasm. It features an ergonomically shaped contact area for a partner to grind against during penetrative sex, whilst the stretchy ring promotes strong, firm erections and an intense orgasm.

The unique shape of Atom Plus enables it to be be used from flaccid and allows the wearer to orgasm even without an erection, making it ideal for those with erectile dysfunction.

The Pulse III Duo is similar in design to the Pulse Solo Essential but offers clitoral stimulation too. It is ideal when penetrative sex is not possible as it can worn by the man during sex play even if he has erectile dysfunction.

It has a remote control to change the intensity levels of the soft vibrating underside, which sends waves of intense pleasure clitoris, bringing new levels of intimacy to foreplay.

If your partner struggles to orgasm through mutual masturbation using a Tenga Masturbation cup may help and stop your hands from getting tired too!

Bondage offers a new sexual sensation in the form of ticklers, ties and blindfolds and can be just as fun.

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your relationship, then a remote controlled sex toy is a great choice! These innovative products are great for lovers of tech as well as those with limited dexterity and mobility.

Using Sex Aids Beyond Penetration

A common misconception that “proper” sex requires intercourse can leave some couples feeling frustrated if they are not able to have full penetrative sex due to physical disability, medical conditions, pregnancy, post surgery after or during cancer treatments, side effects from medication, injury or menstruation. Female couples enjoy great sex without penetration all the time!

Sex without intercourse can allow many couples to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. With intercourse off the menu, this is where many sex aids come into play, offering sexual stimulation and sensations beyond mutual masturbation and oral sex. Incorporating sex aids into your relationships mean you don’t have to give up on your sex life, you can discover more ways to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure either for solo play or with a partner.

At Jo Divine we believe that sexual health and sexual pleasure go hand in hand and have created a health brochure with suitable products to help people with sexual issues. Working with medical professionals, we hope to encourage patients and HCPs alike in talking more freely about sexual problems. A health issue doesn’t mean your sex life will have to stop!