Anal sex and sex toys

Anal sex and sex toys

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Despite it being somewhat of a sexual taboo, many couples are open to the idea of anal sex play. If you are curious about anal sex play, there are several ways to begin.

Preparation for penetration

If it is your first time experimenting with anal sex, then you may be a little tense and anxious. For safe anal penetration, it is important to relax. As the anus is not self lubricating, we recommend using plenty of lubricant to help prevent any anal trauma. It is important to use a lubricant designed for anal sex, not a product from your store cupboard or bathroom. The tissues of the anus can be irritated by poor lubricants and the irritated lubricant on some condoms too.

Silicone based lubricant is great for anal sex, as it’s slippery and long-lasting but not recommended for use with a silicone plug, vibrator or anal beads as it can degrade the silicone, leaving your sex toy feeling tacky to the touch.

SUTIL Rich is latex condom and sex toy compatible. Made with botanical and organic irritant free ingredients, it has a thicker consistency than other water-based lubricants, making it ideal for vaginal and anal play

Many people think that anal sex will be painful and use a numbing or desensitizing lubricant. We recommend that you avoid any lubricants containing these ingredients. Pain during sex is a sign that something is wrong, and you need to stop immediately. Using a numbing or desensitizing lubricant will mask any pain, leading to further injury or damage to the tissues of your anus. Also, when the numbing agent wears off, you may find your anus feels very sore.

Tensing or clenching your anal muscles will make penetration more uncomfortable. Before experimenting with anal play, have a hot bath or get your partner to give you a sensual massage, lighting some candles to set the mood. This will help you to relax, making you less tense, and the experience more pleasurable for you.

Many people enjoy anal play because there is a trust element to anal sex, and many find that they can bond with their partner whilst being incredibly satisfied. However, it is important to start slowly and do not just assume your partner is into anal play!

There are sex toys available to help you prepare for penetration too. Always start small and slowly work your way up to bigger sex toys.


Much like vaginal sex, you can be as inventive as you like! There are lots of great and diverse positions to experiment with when having anal sex. A spooning position is incredibly intimate, and makes it easier to stimulate the breasts, nipples and clitoris. If it’s your first time having anal sex, a position such as the Reverse Cowgirl, with your partner on top, means that they can have complete control over speed and depth of penetration. Use pillows, cushions, sex furniture to get into a comfortable position


Many people find anal play pleasurable because of the prostate, which is often referred to as the P-Spot as it is the male equivalent to the female G-Spot. Many enjoy anal penetration because of the added prostate stimulation, while others like to be dominated.

Pegging is the act in which a partner penetrates their male partner anally with a strap-on. Many people enjoy this too as they are in control, pleasuring their partner, as they would be if they were on top during vaginal penetration. As with other elements of anal play, lubricant is highly advised to be used. Remember, wetter is better!

Anal Plugs

Anal or butt plugs come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and have been designed to increase sexual pleasure. Once the plug has been inserted into the anus, it can be left during sex or masturbation. Many find that removing an anal plug on the point of orgasm can actually enhance it!

NEVER use a sex toy not designed for anal play!

Anal plugs are available in silicone, metal and glass, and are designed with a flared base to ensure that they are not drawn into the body and for easy removal. Plugs are great for beginners as they allow you to get used to the sensation of anal penetration. They are quite versatile, too, as they can be left in for a longer period in preparation for penetration from a longer toy or anal sex.

The njoy Pure range of plugs are great for someone who wants to really experiment with anal play, as they are available in three different sizes. Metal may seem daunting as it’s slightly weightier than a silicone plug, but you can use silicone lubricant with metal plugs so you have the benefit of extra lubrication.

Our Icicles range has some exquisite anal plugs that offer sumptuous sensations. The Icicles No.13 is designed specifically with P-Spot stimulation in mind, and has a tapered tip for easy insertion. For those who enjoy a larger toy, Icicle No.25 is perfect with its tapered head to ease insertion whilst the bulbous shape of this Butt Plug offers a sense of fullness like no other.

The Rocks Off Petite Sensations Plug is a great beginner’s plug that can be used with or without the vibrating bullet, offering a 2 in 1 toy.

Anal Beads

Most anal beads, also known as “Thai Beads”, start off with a small bead for easy insertion, with each bead gradually increasing in size until the largest bead, which is attached to the handle. Using anal beads is not like using a dildo, which is often used with quick thrusting motions. Slowly insert the beads one at a time, and remove similarly on the point of orgasm for a really intense experience.

Using anal beads too quickly could cause pain and damage to the rectum, and it’s important to feel comfortable at all times, sex and experimenting is supposed to feel good! Remember to use lots of lubricant and make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned before use, too.

Satisfyer Lolli Plug has rounded beads which provide additional sexual stimulation whilst the 2 powerful motors, one at the base and one midway along the shaft, all controlled by a single button.

Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Pearls also vibrate, offering a different anal sexual sensation, whilst Rocks-Off Bubbles is shorter but fuller in design. Used with or without the bullet vibrator, Pearls and Bubbles are a 2 in 1 anal sex toy.

Icicle No.47 is a beaded glass plug which offers different sexual sensations when run under cold water for chilling sensations or warm water to heat things up.

Make sure your anal beads are thoroughly cleaned, especially if there are any grooves or ridges in the product’s design. If you’re unsure if soap and water is enough, use a sex toy cleaner as well to ensure for good anal toy hygiene. You can also use a condom on your toy to keep it clean; however, you still need to wash it thoroughly after use.

Anal Vibrators

At first glance, some anal vibrators look very much like vibrators designed for vaginal use. However, like all products designed for anal penetration, anal vibrators have a flared ridge just above the handle to ensure for safe but sensual pleasure.

Some anal vibrators are similar in design to anal plugs, but are somewhat larger due to containing a motor. The Rocks Off Butt Quiver is a tantalising toy with a slightly tapered tip for pure P-Spot pleasure.

If you feel brave, why not let your partner take control of your pleasure with Rocks-Off Varex

Rocks-Off Rude Boy Extreme offers deep, potent anal, prostate and perineum pleasure. With powerful, dual independent motors with 10 deeply powerful vibration and pulsation levels, comfortable girth and flexible shaft designed to fit almost any body shape ensures deep sexual pleasure. Take control of your anal pleasure or hand over the remote control to a partner, the choice is yours.


The anus is highly sensitive due to being enriched with nerve endings, so if full on penetration doesn’t sound appealing to you, there are still ways in which you can experiment. Anilingus, commonly known as “rimming”, is the act of stimulating another person’s anus with your mouth. It is also known as anal-oral contact.

When engaging in anilingus, make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned first, and use a dental dam as you would for oral sex for increased protection against bacteria. Alternatively, cut a condom down the side and flatten it out into a large rectangle.

Communication and trust

If you have or your partner has expressed interest in experimenting with anal sexy play, try to speak as openly as possible about your wants and desires. During your sex sessions, make sure that both of you are comfortable with the activities at hand, as sex should never be painful or make someone feel uneasy.

Relax and enjoy yourselves-putting pressure on each other to have a good time will only do the opposite. If something does or doesn’t feel good, tell your partner and stop. Exploring each other’s bodies in a whole new way can change your sex life for the better!