Is it acceptable for men to buy male sex toys?

Is it acceptable for men to buy male sex toys?

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Sex toys for men – is it still a taboo?

Nowadays, the use of sex toys by women is socially acceptable, whereas men who use male sex toys are seen as having a sexual health problem. Even amongst women who own and use a sex toy themselves, it is not unusual for them to be unhappy at the thought of their partner to using one alone. Having regular orgasms offer many health benefits to both men and women too.

FHM conducted an online male sex toy debate of 5000 men to find out their views about buying male sex toys. These are the results:

  • 51% of the men own a sex toy. Cock rings are the most popular toy with 30% of the respondents owning one, followed in popularity by Fleshlight, prostate massagers, penis pumps and stamina rings.
  • 78% of the men said that they would consider buying a sex toy for solo use. 22% said “no way”.
  • 70% suggested that they should be allowed to buy a male sex toy without embarrassment.
  • 69% would be happy to let their partner use a male sex toy on them.
  • 60% of the men who replied said they had use a female sex toy on their partner and had enjoyed the experience.
  • A very small 4% said that men who use male sex toys are strange.

The benefits of male sex toys on sexual health and pleasure are similar to those for female sex toys, such as prostate massagers, penis pumps and Fleshlight stamina training toys.

Studies conducted at Indiana University in USA in 2009 found that 45% of men aged between 18-65 years had used a vibrator and that vibrator use is associated with improved sexual function and being more proactive about sexual health.

The men who used a sex toy reported that they were more likely to participate in sexual health promoting behaviours such as testicular examination and male sexual health clinics. They also scored themselves highly on satisfaction levels of erectile dysfunction, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function and sexual desire.

Regular masturbation also reduces the risk of prostate cancer too.

Written By : Samantha Evans